13-letter words starting with AP

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13-letter Words
apathetically apatosauruses
aperiodically apfelstrudels
aphanipterous apheliotropic
aphrodisiacal apicomplexans
apiculturists aplanatically
aplanogametes apocalyptical
apocalyptisms apocalyptists
apocatastases apocatastasis
apochromatism apocryphalist
apodictically apogeotropism
apoliticality Apollinairean
Apollinairian Apollinarians
apologeticism apomictically
apophatically apophlegmatic
apostolically apostolicisms
Apostolicship apostrophised
apostrophises apostrophized
apostrophizes apostrophuses
apothegmatise apothegmatist
apothegmatize apotheosising
apotheosizing appealability
appealingness appellational
appellatively appendiculate
apperceptions appertainance
appertainment appeteezement
appetisements applicability
applicational applicatively
appoggiaturas apportionable
apportionment appraisements
appreciatable appreciations
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