12-letter words starting with AP

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12-letter Words
apagogically apeirophobia
aperiodicity apfelstrudel
aphoristical aphrodisiacs
apicomplexan apiculturist
apitherapies aplanogamete
aplanospores apocalyptism
apocalyptist apochromatic
apocopations apocryphally
apocynaceous apocynthions
apodeictical apodyteriums
apogeotropic apolitically
apoliticisms Apollinarian
Apollinarism apollonicons
apologetical apomorphines
apophyllites apoplectical
apostatising apostatizing
apostlebirds apostleships
apostolicism apostolicity
apostolising apostolizing
apostrophise apostrophize
apothecaries apothegmatic
apotheosised apotheosises
apotheosized apotheosizes
apotropaisms Appalachians
apparatchiki apparatchiks
apparelments apparentness
apparitional appartements
appassionato appeachments
appeasements appellations
appellatives appendectomy
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