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Then it sped out and moved around the room, here and there, leaving a zigzag of smoke behind.
Long strips of colour zigzag across the landscape like a patchwork quilt, reds and yellows mingling with purples, pinks and lilacs.
A series of terrifying sandy switchbacks zigzag thousands of feet below us, for miles.
They are usually grown in curled, spiral, pyramidal, circular and zigzag shapes.
Each field should be divided into sections and one acre should be sampled within each section by taking 15-20 subsamples in a zigzag pattern.
For very bulky sweater knits, serge-finish the raw edges, then seam with a narrow to medium zigzag stitch.
He initiated this possibility by manipulating versions of the liar's paradox with zigzag graphs of truth and falsehood states.
Trim the seam allowance and clean-finish the edge with a zigzag or overcast stitch.
Two models that have been proposed for this higher-order structure include a regular spiral and an irregular zigzag.
Families move en masse to the beach lugging strollers and coolers, and kids on bikes zigzag in the street.
The easiest hemming method is to zigzag or serge the raw edge and catch-stitch the hem in place, first midway into the hem, then at the hem edge.
The crews detoured in a zigzag route through 19 cities before reaching Seattle.
Fira is on a rugged, rocky island and the town marches up the steep coastline in stacked terraces and zigzag avenues.
With its stabilizer removed, it sailed at high speed on a zigzag course, thus reducing the chance of accurate U-boat targeting.
If not using a pintuck foot, use a zigzag presser foot with a wide opening.
Heavy, bulky freight for the mines still had to be hauled by teams of pack animals over the old, primitive zigzag trails to the mines.
Joining the disks are thin wire strands, painted yellow and orange, that zigzag across the front.
The main stems of the twisted-stalks, as the name implies, also have this zigzag appearance.
At the zenith the trigram IHS appears, surrounded by saints and angels on zigzag over-solid clouds.
Billet moulding, a series of little rolls like a dotted line, and chevron, or zigzag moulding were widely used.
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Examples from Classical Literature
She laughed softly, and followed the zigzag course of the raindrop with her finger.
And there she was, waiting for them in the wet, at the first turn of the zigzag.
The lines of wall, floor and ceiling were strangely off proportion, zigzag, unrelated.
In the morning we found our places on the 152 upper deck of the little steamer that makes a zigzag journey through Maggiore.
This was built in zigzag shape, so that a flanking fire could be kept up from it.
It has five orders, the zigzag and filleted edge roll being the chief mouldings.
Broglio's friends say he himself knew the faultiness of this zigzag form, but had been overruled.
The sparrow was deadbeat, and was travelling slowly to the north and west on a zigzag course, about two hundred feet high.
From every angle of the zigzag trail that climbs the cuesta the soldier scanned the valley road and the trail below him.
They have very powerful engines and a cogwheel arrangement, the line making a zigzag up the mountain-side.
Across the hollow tendrils the old chief guided the bidarka silently, in a zigzag course.
Only by following at some distance could one cut across the zigzag path of the French.
With this load they have to climb up the alternate notches cut in the trunks of trees, placed in a zigzag line up the shaft.
Pursuing a zigzag course across the marketplace, the child returned to her mother, and communicated what the mariner had said.
The zigzag and chevron work in the bays is of excellent character.
Were you going a zigzag course at the moment the torpedoing took place?
Turned a summersault down the zigzag, and be lying with a leg broken.
But now again the Cuban kiddy drifted towards him, making for the zigzag.
We passed across Holborn, down Endell Street, and so through a zigzag of slums to Covent Garden Market.
A zigzag fence is called in the Middle States a worm or snake fence.
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