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True, I was stuck, wet, worn out and thirsty, but I'd done hypothermia and dehydration before, and I didn't want anyone put out on my account.
About 20 players performed drills with singular enthusiasm and varying attire, including soccer shirts and baseball caps worn backwards.
Unless the carpet is badly worn, or the pile is carefully separated to allow examination, neither weft nor warp will show from the front.
Linen looks good for about a quarter of an hour, but can't be worn all day for business.
Like jean jackets, your jeans can be worn with multiple tops and shoe styles.
Such a worn interior in a BMW with just 77,000 miles on the clock seemed highly unlikely.
These boots will give a good grip on wet decks and worn with woollen thermal or neoprene socks will keep your feet as warm as toast.
A camp shirt should have a clean-finished hem with side vents so it can be worn tucked out for a relaxed look or tucked in.
She sported a white tank-top shirt that was worn around her slim, feminine body.
If a guy had a pair of matching white waffle bathrobes, then I would assume other women would have at some stage worn the lady-sized robe.
Therefore, hot-water washing of bed linens, towels, and recently worn clothing is all you have to do.
Dominic whistled cheerfully as he strode along his worn path to the stream where he performed his daily ablutions.
Perhaps the most distinctive dress in the Andean region is worn by the Otavalo Indians, a subgroup of the Quechuas of Peru.
He was wearing black sweatpants with a green stripe, nicely accessorized with a well worn green Eagles baseball hat and a black t-shirt and sneaks.
Replace worn tap washers for a quick and cheap way of saving water.
The Olympic men's beach volleyball team has worn Lululemon uniforms in the past and even hockey players wear Lululemon boxers.
It is worn so a Sikh can stand out from others, can be approachable and can be identifiable in society.
There were boyish suits from yesteryear with puffy white sleeves and fur collars worn by androgynous creatures with white faces.
Old Hawberk sat riveting the worn greaves of some ancient suit of armour, and the ting!
One worn over her head and showing her blouse means that she is not married and looking for a husband.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Synclinal strata therefore endure, while anticlinal strata are worn more readily away.
Originally, clothes were only worn for adornment or for protection against the cold.
Pachala or silk embroidery adorned with tassels and cowries is also worn as an anklet by women.
Above the timiak, an outer vest is worn, now for the most part made of cotton.
Just worn out with the work, and the worry and the aggravation, that's all.
The older plants of alyssum are nearly worn out, but there are plenty of promising young seedlings in the lower joints.
It is clear, from the Cross on the shield having the same position as the other, that the ailette is not a square one worn awry.
I have examined no skulls of Africana with greatly worn teeth and hence cannot say if the sutures are obliterated in advanced age.
They were worn and weary with the all-night march, and were hungry and thirsty.
He was now worn with fatigues, and by the protracted anxieties of his situation.
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