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It's no surprise to find that he donated the rugby shirt he wore in jail to the production.
The girl wore a beige fake leather jacket, blue stone-washed jeans and white trainers.
I think the last time I wore a tie was March, and a watch is useless since your cell phone already has the time on it.
Although conservatively dressed, he wore a gold watch chain on his grey waistcoat and designer black leather shoes.
He wore a deep green robe and had the same black abysmal eyes as Mrs. Flockhart.
Mike wore his hat at a jaunty angle and Gordy stuffed his hand in his pants to emulate the great Admiral of the British Fleet.
She arrived at Rufforth airfield on a flight from Heathrow and wore a turquoise suit with matching hat and black accessories for the occasion.
He was so obviously on the rugby team as he was just enormous and always wore a rugby shirt in the union colours.
He applied sandal paste on his forehead and wore the sacred thread across his body and was rigorous in the ablutions before prayers.
The teenager wore a knee length, blood red, halter dress with a low and dipping neck line.
When flying, we wore heavy wool-lined flying gear, and Bernie looked like the Abominable Snowman when suited up.
The gold bangles and thick hoop earrings she wore were the perfect accessories to the outfit.
The waiters and waitresses wore black trousers or skirts and black T-shirts.
The waitresses served sandwiches cut into triangles of white bread, and wore those black and white uniforms.
His face wore an absent expression, as of deep thought, and I became afraid that if his eyes did light upon me he would nevertheless not see me.
He wore his white chambray shirt and purple vest, black chinos, and leather boots.
We wore those stupid bell bottoms, beads around our necks, slept on waterbeds and generally didn't have very much to say for ourselves.
At that time, women also commonly wore a loose black gown with a gold stripe around the waist and at the hem.
The decomposing corpses wore the black pants and belts that fighters wear, although some were barefoot.
She wore a low-cut pink dress and bangle bracelets up both arms, her hair properly poufed.
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