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Sentence Examples
Within the sphere of visible action, chesed is without cause, a proactive expression of expansiveness.
Meng Qinglin was detained many times without cause and was illegally detained in a labor camp three times.
Until they learn that lesson, any ideas of major expansion are without cause, foundation or worth.
The airline industry objects that sometimes these deployable recorders can pop out without cause, spreading needless alarm.
The Plaintiff did not plead from an employment law perspective, that the employment contract had been breached, or that the Plaintiff had been fired without cause.
For months after my release, I was harassed by the security services, who further interrogated me and detained me without cause.
In March 2010 a North Korean submarine, without cause, torpedoed the Cheonan, a South Korean frigate.
Sovereign grants were discretionary and revokable without cause or compensation.
Any freeman so committed or detained in prison without cause being stated should be entitled to bail or be freed.
Also that no Fellow, within the lodge or without it, shall misanswer or reprove another, without cause.
But at the same time they were not without cause of justification.
As noted above, Crain's argument is that employers, where possible, select at-will employment, thereby maintaining the option of firing without cause.
In its barest terms the Great Writ protected a subject from indefinite terms of imprisonment, from imprisonment outside the kingdom, or from imprisonment without cause.
Examples from Classical Literature
They that are bitten of a wood hound have in their sleep dreadful sights, and are fearful, astonied, and wroth without cause.
I have already pointed out that the Lady of the van pool would have had a legal remedy for blows without cause.
It is remarkable that we sometimes find an idea dart suddenly into the mind without cause or ramification.
The vesting of the options will accelerate if Hobbs' employment is terminated without cause or for good reason after a change of control.
So it was not without cause that they were taught at school the hara-kiri.
You have held me too long in prison, wrongfully and without cause.
That I shall be the laughingstock of all Moscow, that everyone will say that you, drunk and not knowing what you were about, challenged a man you are jealous of without cause.
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