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The rigidity of the first scene, which may reflect the rigidity of Theseus himself, slowed it almost to a halt.
Time to announce the year's top 10 headlines which may, apocryphally, have appeared in the Irish Times.
These signs can indicate the presence of Insulin Resistance which may later manifest as frank diabetes.
One reason put forward is the existence of an air pocket, which may have caused the aircraft to rise slightly before descending.
Teeth subject to intrusive luxation have been intruded into the alveolar bone, which may occur to the point that the teeth are not visible.
It includes an essay on language and linguistics, which may be supplemented by the treatment of style in Book III of the Rhetoric.
Exercise releases adrenaline, a natural decongestant, which may explain why a run or other activity can help clear nasal passages.
The air mass only gives an indication of the type of weather which may occur.
Best source for his films is a university film archive, which may show them on occasion.
In the end, they adopted a little of both, which may have been their ultimate undoing.
Online advertising is riddled with complications and uncertainties which may take years to routinize.
The nut, which may also be called areca nut, contains a stimulating alkaloid and tannins which give it a pleasantly astringent taste.
A great place to observe crows is at their winter roosts, which may range in size from hundreds or thousands to more than a million birds.
Possibly the local train may have observed something which may throw some light upon the matter.
However, as it only appeared in the left foot, it was probably just a local infection which may have caused the man to limp.
They are created by conscious and deliberate planning, which may span centuries.
Thanks to modern technology, we have a vast array of lighting choices open to us which may make the project seem confusing.
Yes, it's a sensational, arresting number, which may soon pass into general circulation.
It's become a rolling apology, which may be a new uniquely English art form of my own invention.
Onions, artichokes, pears, wheat, and some soft drinks and processed foods contain this sugar, which may be difficult to digest.
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