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A dream wedding turned into a disaster after 24 guests went down with food poisoning, including the groom.
Though belated, the announcement went down well with the workers both permanent and temporary.
Heath then went for broke, attempting a cross court nick off the serve which went down giving Boswell match point.
His sweetheart spent the rest of the night retching into the loo and the relationship went down the toilet, too.
The Zeppelin airship is back, almost 70 years after it went down in a blaze in an accident in Germany.
Anchor and killick went down, JOLLY ROSE swung to, and he fastened everything snug and tight.
For the first time in years we had a game that went down to the wire and was actually exciting.
The two vessels clung together for less than a minute before the Umpire heeled to port and went down.
Alas, the lead singer's attempts to persuade him to remove his shirt for the ladies went down the toilet.
I shrugged and went down to the cafeteria, ordering a bagel, cream cheese and chocolate milk instead of the nauseating vegetarian soup.
She had wild, flaming red hair that went down to her shoulders, and her eyes were almost a fiery purple.
Barnoldswick Barons were left to regret two shots which hit the woodwork when they went down 2-1 at home to Bradley.
When Fox went down with a torn tendon in his left foot in the fourth game of the Minnesota series, the team rallied.
In a freak accident, Barry went down in a heap outside his own penalty area and took no further part in the match.
The hall reverberated with applause each time the guest went down memory lane recalling the college's accomplishments.
Adam, who had just popped a piece of the takoyaki into his mouth, almost choked on it as it went down the wrong way.
They held together and went down the street in tight formation, flanked by cops on all sides.
But we went down with colours flying and lost with grace, pride and dignity.
It hit me suddenly like a punch in the gut, some water went down the wrong way and I doubled over coughing it back up.
The 1970s brought video cassettes and, when the price of Xerox machines went down, greater use of photocopied handouts.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Then, I went down on to the roof, and crossed over to the gap from which the coping stone had fallen.
A party of Kashmir volunteers then went down to the other sangar and brought the wounded in, under a heavy fire.
The nine light Spitfires went down in a screaming dive to cover the Blenheims and the bristols.
Stanley went down with the rest to Martaban, and his uncle sailed for Chittagong.
And then Larry la Roche went down the line with a saddlebag and took up the collection.
When this ship crashed and filled and went down, the Sagunto was lying, after a terrible buffeting, within a safe harbor.
As the lights went down for the bioscope, the idea of reconciliation that springs from fat cheery hearts overwhelmed him.
From this place we crossed the Divide, and went down the Red fork of the Brazos.
He went down the ladder by the side of the boat, and was pulled away in a caique.
As Crane went down the stairs he wondered why he had coupled himself with Cass.
At one minute to five he went down, so as to open the counting house door as the clock struck.
She went down the worn stairway and came out into the dankness of the street.
Bob slipped coming into the backstretch and went down, and Martin hurled himself on him.
Then she went down to the arbour where she had shelled peas only that morning.
She accompanied the guests into the arcade, and Laurent also went down with a lamp in his hand.
Crouching under the tree, as the sun went down behind beacon hill, Joyce saw the future unfold itself.
Lock, who had been an indigo planter in Bihar, went down with peritonitis very shortly afterwards.
My-Boots and the Gaudrons went down to the dance with Boche sneaking along after them.
I went down to see her two or three times afore I was took with this backache.
Thorwald Thorwaldson tottered and went down, for a hurled axe had cleft him between helm and byrnie.
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