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By the time I reached home every item of clothing I was wearing was nasty and I couldn't wait to strip off.
The man is described as white, aged about 18, wearing a blue and white check shirt with either a body warmer or waistcoat style of jacket.
The shirt and the leather waistcoat I'm wearing are what I had on when the crash happened.
He was allegedly a dandy, wearing rings on his fingers and cutting his hair fashionably short.
She was wearing a pretty blue shirt with ruffled sleeves and a high waist with lace.
Some people make sport of wading the Waddenzee at low tide wearing big rubber boots.
Firefighters wearing breathing apparatus and protective suits laid sheets of absorbent material on the slick to soak up the chemicals.
No sooner was he ensconced than he was verbally abused by an irate customer who had taken umbrage because he was not wearing socks.
He was not wearing a shirt at all, his biceps noticeably muscular and his 6-pack abs too.
He was wearing a tight black shirt that showed off his nice abs and muscles.
The costume in question is designed by corset designer Mr Pearl, who has forced his waist down to 18 inches by wearing corsets day and night.
She was wearing a short, thin halter dress that exposed her delicate shoulders and the vaguely tanned skin of her back.
Jennifer Garner was wearing a pair of khaki pants, pleated at the waist and tapered at the ankle.
Jeans and trainers may vary, but every man jack of them will be wearing a checked Burberry cap and a Stone Island jumper, usually in a fetching shade of beige.
Wearing shorts, flip-flops and a ventilator mask, he was shrouded in a swirling cloud of snowlike particles.
Wearing vertical lines on your top half can have a streamlining effect, so long as the material is not stretchy or clingy.
Wearing her official dress, including frothy neckerchief, she made a short speech as she accepted her certificate.
Wearing embroidered palikari vest, puffy-sleeved poukamiso, and pleated foustanella shirt, my grandfather bestrides the gangway.
Wearing sports suits from China, prisoners competed in track and field, boxing and basketball.
Wearing leather gloves for protection, cut sprigs of greenery and bunch them up.
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