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All weaken a plant by sucking sap, causing chlorotic spots on the tops of the leaves.
He warned members against rumour-mongering and indiscipline which he said threatened to divide and weaken the party in the district.
The suspicion is that those redrafting the policy were influenced by borrower governments to weaken policy requirements.
If she can extricate them both from this strong hold of irrational machismo, then time's death grip may perhaps weaken.
In adults, lead poisoning can result in damage to the central nervous system and severely weaken fingers, joints, wrists and ankles.
If your hair has been permed or relaxed, color has to be applied carefully or it can weaken the structure of your hair.
Today, they are still sending production to China as the yuan and the dollar weaken.
It was Demaret who influenced Hogan to weaken his grip and fade the ball, probably saving Hogan's career.
In other words, the roller-coaster analogy is limited, and these limitations may weaken Pinedo's account.
These can weaken the enemy, forestall his attack, and potentially force his retreat.
But if you harvest hardy woody perennials such as thyme, savory, and tarragon heavily now, you can weaken the plants.
With the exercise saber the touch with the point is hardly perceptible and would not weaken the instructor's cut.
Why is it when, after greatly resisting temptation you eventually weaken and submit to its manipulative forces?
Could they have been warnings against over-indulgence and over-refinement that might weaken Manchu culture?
As El Nino strengthens, the northern jet will weaken and give way to a strong southern jet stream pattern.
Too big a cut, they warn, could panic the markets and weaken confidence, not strengthen it.
That would surely weaken resolve and put fear into even the stoutest hearts.
It did not weaken his resolve, although there are times when bitterness wells to the surface.
The decision to weaken still further the funding requirement in 2002 was taken with maladministration.
That was attacked as being a step that would weaken the union and the same argument has been put up again.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Have hot water in another pot, to weaken the cups of those that like it so.
He further says they dwarf the body, benumb the brain and weaken character.
He would do what he can to weaken even natural reason, that men may be blockish and incapable of good.
Scientists have contended that the consonantal sounds weaken the resonance and power of the vowels.
If he love her, the chances are that she will in the end weaken and demoralise him.
The village owns no school to disannul the tie of blood, to warp and weaken the affection that holds them well together.
Then as they are almost all fighting men they are restricted that they may not weaken or enervate themselves.
Yet it seems to me that self-abuse in excess must be injurious to health, for it must weaken and enervate.
He has not sought to ennoble her heart so much as to weaken it with flatteries.
If forged at a dark-red heat the iron generally will granulate or crack open and weaken the metal.
Reforms, however, are needed which will not weaken these excellences.
Her death did not weaken my resolutions nor slacken my ardour.
He had no humanitarian ideals to weaken his self-regarding purposes.
However, the accumulation of physical stresses to the disc can weaken the annular fibers.
Even the Scotch and the Devonians weaken a little in their clannishness.
I can well believe two or three of them, attacking a steer or mule at once, could soon weaken it so the animal would die.
A snake would be a good illustration of this, for it is cold-blooded, and therefore removed from the temptations which often weaken or restrict warm-blooded creatures.
Does the fact that no one was physically assaulted as a result of the two cross burnings weaken the argument that cross burning poses a threat to public safety?
However, scientists now may have discovered a way by which to weaken and trick malarial parasites, thereby effectively developing a solution to the problem.
It was no common misanthropy which had shut Captain Nemo and his companions within the Nautilus, but a hatred, either monstrous or sublime, which time could never weaken.
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