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The pleasure we derive from being with others, along with our wanderlust and desire to explore, sets the stage nicely for smallpox.
Contrary to their romantic image, nomads are not simply footloose people addicted to wanderlust.
Tony was from New Zealand, a country where it is not unusual to chuck a well paying job at Cadbury's to fulfil ones wanderlust.
There have been suicides passed off as accidents and shiftlessness indulgently termed wanderlust.
With Rita gone, the semi-retired Long Island businessman satiates his life-long wanderlust by working part-time in a travel agency.
He was a marine engineer, a world traveler, and it was from him that I acquired some of my wanderlust.
There is an element of wanderlust, and a terminal lack of responsibility probably.
Josiah Harlan was a pacifist, abstemious Pennsylvania Quaker stricken with a profound case of wanderlust.
Soon after we separated, I heard about a class on how to teach English overseas and realized immediately that this could finance my wanderlust.
The high seas harbour a host of job opportunities for those driven by wanderlust and the desire for a life away from the humdrum.
Her disdain is getting personal, her subject matter less ephemeral, as she scolds rich Americans driven by wanderlust and entitlement.
Smitten by wanderlust and lured by India, Mark Shand has travelled across much of the country.
Smith's love of her home and the affection of her family mean that her wanderlust never stops her returning to Lanarkshire.
One way I justify my wanderlust is by calling it a form of travel sickness.
My wanderlust had taken me on a circuitous route but, now I was ready to put down some roots and embark on new dreams, it had led me home.
Even in postwar America, nostalgia and wanderlust kept tramp wannabes hopping boxcars.
But these impressive feathers in Jim's adventuring cap have not cured him of wanderlust.
The Zimmermen, with their quirky sartorial style, have a long history of hard work and old-fashioned values coupled with wanderlust.
The open layout of the venue virtually encourages wanderlust, resulting in a fluctuation of numbers in each zone as curiosity led both cats and dogs from room to room.
The Notebooks bear witness to the specifics of her insatiable wanderlust.
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She's the party with the wilful disposition and the late case of wanderlust.
We found every place splendid in those weeks as we let the wanderlust carry us on.
He fell silent and trudged on beside her, the wanderlust in his eyes.
The old French Aydelot blood had something of the wanderlust in it.
The old wanderlust had got into his blood, the joy of the unbound life, the joy of seeking, of hoping without limit.
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