How to use wandering through in a sentence

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Sentence Examples
She is wandering through the marketplace, pondering what to cook for Shabbes.
In my wandering through second hand book stores, I have come across some unusual tomes.
By the sixth day, the entire group was wandering through the hills without a sense of direction.
Painted in grisaille, they show a top-hatted character wandering through hilly landscapes and inclement weather.
Tom Horn, legendary frontiersman, is wandering through the prairies of Wyoming.
However, it was not difficult to meet people simply by wandering through the bush and chancing upon scattered huts and houses.
Maithris and I took our time, wandering through halls and chambers trimmed with gold leaf, floored with veined marble.
This three-toed box turtle was wandering through the backyard and took shelter under a big hosta when I arrived with the camera.
Web pages have gotten us used to wandering through content via links, backtracking, re-reading and re-finding with reasonable ease.
There have been reported sightings of a ghostly figure wandering through the pub in Shirley.
Wandering through the expansive stuccoed interiors, it's not hard to see why.
This search for perfection becomes the motivating factor in the account of a lady wandering through fruit markets looking for her favourite fruit, the red guava.
The film retraces much of Che's journey, the camera wandering through desolate valleys and rocky cliffs while Che's words are read on the soundtrack.
Mr. Bachner found it by wandering through the market and identified a craftsmen here who works in a tiny booth.
My husband and I were wandering through the city one slow summer Saturday, when suddenly there was an avalanche of music, colour, satin, sequins, balloons and feathers.
Wandering through the Conference Hotel late at night, one could not move for clearly affluent young people in suits and lean and hungry aspiring hacks.
At night the Victorian brass fittings bathe everything in an intimate yellow glow, so you appear to be wandering through a peasouper fog in Sherlock Holmes' London.
Examples from Classical Literature
While wandering through the valley of the Clearwater and the adjacent hills, I was much struck with the wonders of petrification.
He remembered wandering through dimly lit streets, past gaunt, black-shadowed archways and evil-looking houses.
He was a handsome young Oriental, fond of wandering through unexplored portions of the earth, and he arrived in India from nowhere in particular.
And our picture proves that, wandering through Los Angeles, haggard Hamill is now more streetwalker than Skywalker.
I have watched her wandering through the forest of Arden, disguised as a pretty boy in hose and doublet and dainty cap.
That day I happened to be wandering through the woods alongside of the lake of Silvaplana, and I halted beside a huge, pyramidal and towering rock not far from Surlei.
There is an interesting old cemetery in Baden-Baden, and we spent several pleasant hours in wandering through it and spelling out the inscriptions on the aged tombstones.
A chill gust of wind, wandering through the damp and sooty obscurity over the waste of roofs and chimney-pots, touched his face with a clammy flick.
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