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The villains all had names like Barry the Baptist, so called because he drowns his victims, and Hatchet Harry.
See how they posed and strutted among the terrified hostages, playing the part of big, scary villains.
But in our post modern age they are charged with the amorphous task of policing the fear of crime ' as well as chasing actual villains.
Although some villains were rejected, the M.E.N. probe found many were given the go-ahead despite divulging a string of convictions.
They will target villains living off their proceeds of crime and take them to court to strip them of their homes, cars and cash.
The real villains of this piece are the weekend cottagers, who bring little to our Dales communities except inflated house prices.
As for Australian ports' image of being environmental villains, Hirst says the tag is undeserved for the most part.
Ayurveds also agree that the real villains behind hypertension are smoking, alcohol consumption and high salt intake.
The most egregious environmental villains in the tableware industry are probably plastic disposables.
The real villains he fingers as the Newfoundlanders, who waded into the auks' domains and ravaged them without mercy.
The main villains of the piece actually are two white middle-class lawyers and policemen.
But in Furst's writing it's not always entirely clear who the real villains are.
Ever since I learnt about cities and transport planning, I realised that the real villains in urban chaos are personal vehicles.
The violent action thriller starred Richard Roundtree as the superfly sleuth who likes his women hot, his villains iced and his coffee black.
Linney and Aykroyd serve as the film's villains and do quite a lot with small roles.
Toward the end of the film, one of our villains does something very rotten, and Green takes action that indirectly leads to this person's demise.
Suspected villains, drunken louts and teenage yobs face being caught on camera thanks to a hi-tech move by Police.
He is famous for the low-down tactic of setting up imaginary, exaggerated villains and dangers and then heroically shooting them down.
Movies like this require villains who can chew the scenery with the greatest of ease.
Thus small-time con man Moss gets mixed up with real villains and, predictably, blackly comic scrapes ensue.
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Examples from Classical Literature
It is what makes the Master of lovat the most thrilling of all historical villains.
Then my wrongs should have received full vengeance, and none would have blamed me for meting it out to these two villains.
Come on then, sledge in the doors an' windies, an' if we lave a single inch of the villains together, may we be hanged like dogs!
The first or lowest consisted of villains in gross, who were alienable at pleasure.
Shame on a gentleman for hearkening to the foul-mouthed villains one moment.
He staggered to his feet, and saw that his visitors were the two villains, maggot and Bloodhound.
My wife is an adulteress, and my servants in league with villains to rob me!
We club men will have to countercharge the enemy, for self-preservation, to play heavy villains upon the stage.
Instances of the manumission of villains or slaves by charter may be found in Hickes, diss.
A dream of creating a place where heroes and villains from books, films and video games could walk side-by-side and break bread together.
They reminded Tarzan of melodramatic villains he had seen at the theaters in Paris.
These villains did not buy themselves free of the marks of servitude.
And a set of worse villains cannot be found in the South Seas.
This is poetic justice at work because we're confiscating the ill-gotten gains of villains and redistributing the money where it's needed.
And all this before she even gets to Australia where the villains are even beastlier.
None but the most accurst of villains could abuse such goodness.
I am trailing two of the most adroit villains that ever committed crime.
And you think that to save such villains as you I will become an abettor of their plot, an accomplice in their crimes?
Discovering their mistake one boatload of the villains went in pursuit.
But they were off in a jiffy, those villains, and we after them, down through the woods.
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