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It was associated with government heavy-handedness and viewed with disdain.
Most Americans have viewed Africa through the lens of LiveAid or Black Hawk Down or the altruistic whims of Madonna.
Even though Hackney sees Democrats benefitting, he says initiatives like his should not be viewed as partisan.
All the moralizing and gravitas that accompanies a star player being arrested should be viewed as a form of Kabuki theater.
John Edwards was viewed as too slick by half, his beachfront mansion belying his stated position as a champion of the downtrodden.
More importantly, Longworth viewed wine as a critical piece of the temperance movement.
Mad Men is very big on surrogate parents on the show, and Roger always viewed Bert as a surrogate father figure.
A foreigner such as Bartholdi viewed the abolition of slavery as Liberty achieved in the United States.
In our moment, then, an abigail Fisher must be viewed differently than she once would have been.
But like many others in Egypt, Amin viewed this as yet another distraction from efforts to get the country back on its feet.
As such claims were designed to buttress Welsh genealogy and land claims, they should be viewed with some scepticism.
Others have viewed William as an enemy of the English constitution, or alternatively as its creator.
Charles grew exhausted with the pope's meddling in what he viewed as purely secular affairs.
Until Romeo and Juliet, for example, romance had not been viewed as a worthy topic for tragedy.
Many MPs viewed the imposition of the tax as a breach of the Petition of Right.
Charles was eager to exploit the widening divisions, and apparently viewed Joyce's actions as an opportunity rather than a threat.
Some Highland chieftains therefore viewed Jacobitism as a means of resisting hostile government intrusion into their territories.
He argues that regulations should not be viewed as barriers to progress.
The Law and Order Party was being organized out of various elements that viewed alarmedly the Vigilantes' growing power.
Marshall viewed aesthetics as a special branch of introspective psychology dealing with algedonics, the science of pleasure and pain.
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