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A clean, seamless line is needed for Oh Foolish Fay, which she cannot quite manage with her operatic vibrato.
The singers have good voices, singing clearly and accurately, using little vibrato in what has become the accepted style for Baroque vocal music.
Consistent vibrato was invented by Fritz Kreisler well into the twentieth century.
Her voice is annoyingly reedy, with a fast vibrato and intonation slightly under pitch.
It employs a single reed and has a very pure tone with no vibrato although this can be induced by use of the bellows.
Their vibrato and the tone it produced, among other things, was just utterly Romantic in nature and would make any good Baroque scholar cringe.
So I hooked up with a local violinist and asked him to play some of the music with strong vibrato, low to moderate vibrato, and zero vibrato.
I went there and I started to sing with my faster vibrato, and I never re-sang the song.
Slow, sustained and played with vibrato, this music has a raw power which builds gradually to a G major climax.
She scales back her vibrato and lightens her tone most appropriately for this repertoire.
Byrne sings without the usual intense operatic vibrato, and he sounds more heartfelt than ever.
I can hear how he's just so full of himself and his perfect pitch and vibrato that he doesn't even notice what a dreadful and boring song it is.
Her rapid vibrato, particularly above the stave, added a distinctive and not unpleasant color.
I never knew that Baroque music could be an option for me because I had only heard recordings in which it was sung with little or no vibrato.
His tone is lean without any of the thick vibrato so common from modern violins but entirely inappropriate for Mozart's music.
The absence of vibrato or breathiness in the upper parts makes for gloriously sinewy singing.
Her style is to take the vibrato from the traditional school and the shortened note values from the HIP aesthetic.
If only she had had to play genuinely quietly, or without vibrato, or unbeautifully!
String vibrato is less prominent in these recordings, and portamenti are used both for expression and to create a living legato.
For example, when you slow down a recording, trills and vibrato slow down, too.
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At the same time the vibrato used to excess is quite as bad as an excessive tremulando in the voice.
The natural law with respect to the variety in vibrato effects may be given as follows.
He asserts also that vibrato is a trick invented after that day and out of place in the music of that period.
There seems to be considerable confusion among singers and even writers as to the use and meaning of tremolo and vibrato.
A good effect is produced in a sostenuto theme by commencing the vibrato slowly on a crescendo note.
If there was a trace of vibrato in her voice only Courtlandt noticed it.
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