How to use very thought in a sentence

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Sentence Examples
This is the supreme test and England have quailed at the very thought of it.
It was so strange and foreign a concept that the very thought scared me more than anything in my entire period of life.
But the very thought of the potential existence of that possibility is absolutely killing me, and thus must be extinguished post-haste.
Even if I haven't had any of it, the very thought is almost enough to put me off my feed.
If your eyes go all blurry at the very thought of reading about it, all I can do is encourage you to persevere.
His soul cried out in protest at the very thought, yet even as it did, another part of him writhed in self-contempt.
The very thought that I will be lumped in with lovers of such horrid dreck makes me physically ill.
Even so, the very thought of such self-inflicted personal injury leaves many people with a sense of disbelief and repulsion.
The plot behind the film is very thought provoking if you start reading the religious implications into it.
An immense weariness overcomes me at the very thought of politics.
Given the sheer volume of these texts, and their kaleidoscopic content, the very thought of plunging into them leaves even the most determined researcher atremble.
The very thought of orange skies and yellow sand hurt her head.
The very thought of this makes my throat tight and my eyes water.
It's okay if you are a little scared of getting hitched, but if the very thought of a wedding makes you quake in your boots, it could amount to gamophobia.
We thought that very thought, we wanted not to superficialize the whole event, which could anesthetize viewers to the horrors of that day.
I gag at the very thought of putting my schnoz near dairy items that might be on the turn.
Hopefully your spider sense is tingling at the very thought of putting multiple copies of that block of code onto our index page, because mine sure is.
Examples from Classical Literature
Who has not been stirred to scorn and mirth at the very thought of a chocolate soldier!
There is something like a sob to the perfecting press, as though saddened by the very thought of the abuses it must reform.
The very thought of going to him for aid, after all that had passed, was repugnant to Ruth.
There is something in the very thought of treasure-trove that unsettles the most sane.
As for esteeming him, she rejected the very thought precisely because he had married her.
The very thought of her, a dishwasher in a country hotel, going on the stage!
The very thought of it causes the sailor to shiver with affright.
The very thought of catering to such appetites disgusted Gallatin.
The very thought of snow was refreshing on that broiling day.
The very thought of the Amazonian forest made my spirit droop.
So, at the time of his Patagonian fever, the very thought of so drastic a remedy was sufficient to cure him.
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