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The very thing that enables expertise to develop, namely the codification of expert language, leads inevitably to entrainment of thinking.
How does he feel, voyaging into the darker recesses of this kind of soul to write about the very thing that he fears most?
Why do people do a once-over cleaning on their house right before a housecleaner comes to do that very thing?
It was particularly painful in my case because I had my heart set on the very thing he was achieving.
The man she had dreamed about and fantasized about was now proposing the very thing she had wished for.
I have indeed been accused of that very thing, but then maybe its because of my keen sense of smell that I am so finicky.
In the best-known and most controversial approach, Gerson therapy, coffee is the very thing that is believed to work.
The other returns to the table, it's getting close to last orders so shorter drinks with higher alcohol content are the very thing.
London's character, its liberality, religious tolerance and diversity, is the very thing that makes it vulnerable.
The very thing that aesthetes complain about, the wild mash-up of comic books with other products, becomes one of the strengths of the show.
Knowing my luck, it will probably be self-assembly when DIY is the very thing one is trying to avoid.
Yet the very thing that nurtures our growth also feeds our discontent.
They must advocate for the very thing their photo ops in Amman implied, infrastructural integration and political interdependence.
He then might have kept himself from becoming the very thing he so passionately denounced.
To borrow a phrase that St. Augustine loved to use, God's deepest desire at Mass is that we become the very thing that we receive, Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God.
I essentially am paying tax money to be grossed out by an advertisement that is unteaching good health practices in the name of that very thing.
I think about the other few times in the past four years of our togetherhood that he has said that very thing. I've come to hate those words.
What if The Motherfucker, imagining that his witchly enemy might try this very thing, had put a snake in there?
He was also the very thing she needed to get her ex off her mind and out of her system. What a douchenozzle he had been.
Examples from Classical Literature
Mr. Spencer does the very thing he forbids us to do, in making this predication.
The very thing he says is an anticipatory excuse for anything he may choose to do.
Now this is the very thing which, according to Hamilton, Schelling actually did.
I was obliged to admire my cuteness in foreseeing this very thing and swapping trees to beat it.
Otherwise, items will be placed in the whee lie bins, the very thing the hit squads are seeking to avoid.
But that was the very thing that made me crossest about her carelessness.
A hydrant and a piece of iron pipe might be the very thing he would need.
Then monastic ambition, the very thing he had found so repulsive in other monks, arose within him.
Judge knowles had as much as told him that very thing, and more than once.
Everything that one does seems, no matter how right it me be, to bring on the very thing which is most to be deplored.
Wells, like the pushful tradesman he is, has the very thing in his pocket.
And the great size of the reward was the very thing that kept him safe.
It is this very thing which entitles Lovejoy to greater praise.
After all, the wheels and axle of the tricycle might be the very thing.
And it may be that as ever is in God's Providence, the very thing that the evil doer most reckoned on for his selfish good, turns out to be his chiefest harm.
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