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It is regrettable if she was upset by the incident, but the action was taken in the interests of keeping the peace.
The skin undergoes continual renewal but injury from the sun can upset the renewal process and produces premature aging as well as skin cancer.
Our instructor is a bean sprout chewing yogic matriarch who speaks in hushed tones so as not to upset the alignment of her shakras.
When he comes home from school he is very agitated and upset, and can't understand why he is being picked on.
Larsson threatened to bring off a king-size upset when he took the match into a fifth and deciding set after taking a fourth-set tiebreaker.
Keep the number of pages or hours within reason, and don't be upset if a day slips by.
And then I went from being upset about the whole episode to being angry beyond reason.
Many times my students make me upset, but I have to control myself and hold my tongue so as not to hurt others.
So I wouldn't be that upset if smoking were to be banned in restaurants and bars.
Upchanging was quite seamless, and even with full throttle kick-downs there were no nasty thumps to upset grandma in the back.
He seemed a bit upset, naturally enough, and spent a deal of time rubbing or wringing his hands while the police talked to him.
Why anyone would get all upset about such an offer is beyond me, but there you are, it takes all sorts to make a world, their loss not mine.
She rejoined her friends with complaints of an upset stomach as the excuse for her lengthy absence.
The three are thrown into wild confusion as suspicion and jealousy upset the domestic bliss.
My mom was upset, but Kim and I started giggling because we know we're both such klutzes.
Unlike my hypothesis, she speaks in her baroque and breathless way not only when upset or anxious but also when she is up and effusive.
While the company may upset parents with their risque ads and catalog, they still consider it to be a quality brand with an all-American style.
The Galway side know only too well the task that lies ahead of them and they will be all out to upset the odds.
When you are upset or worried, you can draw something and it seems to just flush all your ill feelings away.
Police had worried about trouble after the match but apart from a few incidents of drunkenness the upset didn't cause patrols any problems.
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