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Sentence Examples
The nature of the pension is something which is payable over an unfixed number of years.
Even tribal affiliations appear unfixed and mutable, as an otherwise minor character, serves to emphasize with his vague background.
Since the Impressionists were themselves an unfixed point, the Wallace Collection's Road to Impressionism is necessarily a vague track.
A man of many unfixed addresses, he was there to speak at South by Southwest, the well-known annual music, movies, and technology conference.
Exposure of the unfixed cartilages to the atmosphere even for a couple of hours also made them crooked and unshapely.
Cytochemistry and autofluorescence observations were used to detect the presence of lignin and suberin in unfixed tissues.
Life-hopes of the first kind, to speak of them in one way, partly involve thinking of our futures as open or unfixed or alterable.
The cut surface of the unfixed liver may also appear relatively normal, until closely inspected with a magnifying lens.
I ran to the bus stop hair loose, necktie unfolded and an open and unfixed bag.
Holst's figurant represents humanity exposed to the occult powers of the unfixed stars as they orbit through the twelve astrological houses of the zodiac.
Engineers, foremen, surveyors and labourers typically tend to circulate between the main industry players on daily, weekly, monthly and unfixed contracts.
Everyone knows they won't be free or fair or unfixed, and Aung San Suu Kyi won't be allowed to participate.
Too many problems have gone unattended and unfixed for too long, and one just gets the sense of things preparing to pop.
His unfixed gaze shifted to Joy but he seemed to be looking past her.
She ignored the mess on her bed and left the bed covers unfixed.
The offsetting obligation to pay claims is contingent, unfixed and off on the horizon.
The monster again became an islet, rock, or reef, but a runaway reef, unfixed and elusive.
The 23-year-old's flat has been flooded several times after a waste pipe was left unfixed.
Because unfixed hydrogen has a low molecular mass, it can achieve escape velocity more readily, and it leaks into outer space at a greater rate than other gases.
Unfixed subjectivity has easy access to resources of imaginary compensation.
Examples from Classical Literature
But they did not see things to burn everywhere, because their minds were unfixed.
I can only say that in any case it is of the kind that floats and is unfixed.
Their figures, unfixed in the abyss, have been shifted like errant sands of Earth.
The Baroness had listened to all this with folded hands and unfixed eyes.
Flood the unfixed film with stain, allow it to act 30 seconds.
Everything was unfixed from its age-long rest, and moving at whirlwind speed in a direction opposite to their own.
The unfixed smear is covered with the stain for four or five seconds.
Leaks which have no visible indication on the surface could remain unfound and unfixed for months without the leak detectors.
He was still as unsure and unfixed as when he had married himself.
I did not conceive of literature as the expression of life, and I could not imagine that it ought to be desultory, mutable, and unfixed, even if at the risk of some vagueness.
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