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Having undone the existing unit I discovered that the wires were soldered to the terminals.
Three overs later he was also gone, undone by an impatient waft at an innocuous delivery from White that took the top edge.
The toxification of the biosphere by man-made poisons is one of the litany of ecological disasters that is bringing us undone.
His feet were sheathed in black, silk socks while a black bow tie hung undone around his neck.
The man had been quietly biding his time in the shady far corner of the bar with a pack of cigarettes and his tie undone.
Everyone's favourite cheeky actor comes undone in a disappointingly miscast role in Channel 4's latest gritty urban drama.
He had undone the bow-tie on his tux and it was now hanging around his neck.
He wore a long black coat over a sliver shirt with the top two buttons undone.
It is understood the site's developer has been uncontactable for weeks yet a lengthy list of essential work at The Oaks still remains undone.
She noticed that not one of the men had loosened his tie and undone the top shirt button.
Even if Labour lost the referendum, there would be time for the damage to be undone before the 2005 general election.
After erasing the logo I could see her clearly, but it took a while for her to be convinced that the damage had been undone.
Your father's success in foreign policy was quickly undone by discontent on domestic policies and a bad economy.
Another benefit is that any spell can be un-cast, any effect can be undone.
The Minstermen were neat and tidy in possession but, as has been the case on so many occasions this season, were undone by their final ball.
He was undone by a lack of sound financial resources and divided political control.
Jennifer sat on her bed, pulling the zippers up and down, as if the answer would pop out of the undone zipper.
Her undone dark hair falls across brown eyes that are direct and intelligent.
There are dark black fishnets underneath the white dress shirt, his tie's undone and the school blazer's lying in a crumpled heap on the floor.
Running a hand through her hair, the girl finished off the last undone button on her dress and opened the door, meekly letting Amelia in.
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Examples from Classical Literature
He began with the arts of beguilement, and left nothing undone to win the confidence and affection of the Toledan nobles.
I must make him believe that I prefer a commoner for my son-in-law, or we are all undone with him.
It is rapidly done, easily undone, and one of the most seamanlike acts, exhibiting grace as well as power.
Dennis had the gaiter undone in a moment, and Bob writhed as his brother felt the injured limb.
But at last I got it done, and Rowley stood up with rather a red face from tacking the sweepy, lacey thing that had come undone.
When you want a temporary fastening, secure yet easily undone, make a timber-hitch.
Mali-ya-bwana, under his directions, had undone the loads containing the lanterns.
Pardon for the ungirt loin, for the service shirked, for all good deeds undone!
At her appearance the noone sun Blushed and shrunk in, 'cause quite undone.
The action of the air had already undone all the art of the embalmer.
I tell you, lad, that I am all undone, like a fretted bow-string.
Flashman left no slander unspoken, and no deed undone, which could in any way hurt his victims, or isolate them from the rest of the house.
The Colt hangs unshifting alongside my ribcage, instantly accessible through the shirtfront with the second-from-the-top button undone.
Then Mary is here for some innocent purpose, to do a good deed that were better undone, as it so scares her.
It is the whipper who is whipped and the tyrant who is undone.
Krugman is now suggesting be done, and it was undone through political-economic power relations, not intellectual suasion.
Why is the land undone, burnt up like the prairie, without a passer by?
I want her mine, that I may have a right to take her to the free States, and give her her liberty, that all I am trying to do be not undone.
A person who has not done one-half his day's work by ten o'clock, runs a chance of leaving the other half undone.
Instead of that, he undid it, or rather permitted it to be undone.
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