How to use undiscriminating in a sentence

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Sentence Examples
Her status as a celebrity will make many undiscriminating or unknowing people buy the book and take her arguments at face value.
I reckon we're in danger of raising a whole generation of undiscriminating couch potatoes afflicted by TV-induced Attention Deficit Disorder.
It doesn't help that medical journal editors are by and large undiscriminating in the papers they publish.
Sadly it is true that many Brits are undiscriminating drinkers.
In general, the public loves science fiction, but there are levels to which even the most undiscriminating viewer will not sink, and this film reaches those.
To the most undiscriminating true believers, he was a disaster.
This film is for those undiscriminating movie-goers who want nothing more from a trip to the multiplex than loud, raucous, mindless entertainment.
He has a satisfaction in such achievements, of which the undiscriminating overdoser knows nothing.
Examples from Classical Literature
The young are at the mercy of all sorts of flesh-eaters, including their own fathers, who are a most undiscriminating sort.
It is easy to blame us as undiscriminating, but we are at least full of zest.
But Bob Needham spoke from the depths of his honest and undiscriminating soul.
For the governing faculty of a bad man is faithless, unsettled, undiscriminating, successively vanquished by different semblances.
And the rector was pleased, especially as it was not all undiscriminating praise.
The dulness of unquestioning undiscriminating belief was disturbed by the freshening breezes of dissidence and discussion.
The message is that once financial markets become disturbed, they become violent and undiscriminating.
He was not a strong or undiscriminating advocate for Compulsory Education.
To reply to the charge in its undiscriminating, blunderbuss form is easy.
Another time, in another of your undiscriminating platform rushes, you would punish the sober for the drunken.
They aimed at giving Americans, whether in uniform or not, a taste of the undiscriminating terror that was being visited upon the Vietnamese.
In today's first reading from Acts, we see Peter slowly growing into the realization that God is impartial and undiscriminating.
He had never before revealed this thirst for undiscriminating homage.
Courts have abandoned the defense of these rights, and conservatives have encouraged this abandonment by careless, undiscriminating rhetoric denouncing ''judicial activism.
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