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Sentence Examples
It was still in the two French braids from the night before so Jessica quickly unbraided them, which only made her hair a bigger nuisance.
She unbraided her hair, running her fingers through it before carefully brushing it.
She unbraided her hair, unhooked her silver bracelet from her left wrist, and laid it on the counter.
She also unbraided her hair and pulled the massive curls back with a leather strap.
She styled the remaining hair into four-strand braids and then unbraided the ends to create wavy strands.
After washing her face and hands, she unbraided her hair and set about the task of combing out the tangles.
As I unbraided my hair, I was dismayed to pull away a sizeable handful.
Examples from Classical Literature
She removed her clothing, and unbraided her hair and shook it loose over her slim 21 shoulders.
Her black hair was unbraided, and streamed out in elfish wisps from under a tall pointed black hat.
His long hair was unbraided and hung upon his shoulders, veiling the upper half of his splendid body.
She never sang or unbraided her hair, or held out her arms to the moon as young girls are supposed to do.
She braided and unbraided the ends of it as Nan talked about last winter and Dr. Towne.
She then unbraided her neat hair and pulled it all about her face.
Her yellow hair hung down uncombed, unbraided around her sad, pale face.
Wish I'd thought to iron them plaits before I unbraided 'em.
Thermal shroud for pediatrics, two sheets prepared polyethylene surface trilaminar unbraided, heated mechanism convection.
The soft organic textures and shapes of the hair after it has been unbraided work well with this collection as it is more primal and raw.
Another man, who was there with his pregnant girlfriend, unbraided his hair.
Behind his ear was a smooth stone, and in his long unbraided hair was the feather of a red hawk.
The dress was a sombre grayish beige, untrimmed and unbraided, and she wore a small turban of the same dull hue, relieved only by a suspicion of white feather in the side.
The back of their hair is left unbraided and trails down their back.
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