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Carl gawked at the car with unbelieving eyes, and the unknown man still yelling at him must have noticed.
I have known people on the verge of surgery for cancer or bypass surgery who have been declared healed by their unbelieving doctors.
Suzan stood there in complete silence, unbelieving, a red hand mark evident on the taller girl's face.
Paul wrote that it is Satan, not God, who blinds the minds of the unbelieving.
But now Jezebel, Israel's unbelieving queen, was after him, and he had to flee for his life.
The example of St George, his faith and his courage, are needed today in a wicked and unbelieving world.
Its excommunication banished the unfaithful and unbelieving to the horror of outer darkness forever.
Paul thought that a believer could divorce and remarry if the unbelieving partner called an end to the marriage.
Note that Paul spoke to these unbelieving Gentiles about judgement, not the gospel of the grace of God.
The fact that it is lacking in the world where it should penetrate the unbelieving, is embarrassing.
In the meantime, they are to be careful not to align with these unbelieving nations, intermarry with them, or worship their false gods.
Yet it embraces too many theological elements to be considered merely secular, philosophical, or unbelieving.
The unbelieving liberal agenda which the Anglican Bishops have made their very own religion results in this tragedy.
How can our unbelieving friends be made to credit the sincerity of our convictions?
In fact, word has it that the unbelieving William III even referred petitioners he turned away to his vanquished rivals.
It is the difference between the authority of the inspired, inerrant Word of God and that of unbelieving, sinful man.
We all watched and listened, almost unbelieving, as the tragic event became international news.
We who have had the scene before our eyes are as startled and as unbelieving yet as when we saw it.
We called them home and together we all sat frozen, unbelieving, shocked and devastated for the rest of the Sabbath.
It seemed clear to me now what she had wanted from me this morning but I had been unbelieving.
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The Hunters had blinked at them, unbelieving, with their weapons held at ready.
He read it again, unbelieving, for this shouldn't be Grant Street, but Marshall.
But we on whom He has had it aforetime, how unbelieving and hopeless we are apt to be!
The strength of the Prophet is within him thus to smite the unbelieving pigs.
Ye have seen that though great be the numbers of the unbelieving, they must ever fail.
Oh, this unbelieving and stiffnecked generation, mine anger is kindled against them!
And in this face that resembled the face of a fat and fiendishly knowing baby there glittered a pair of clever, peering, unbelieving black eyes.
Yet fire is the portion to which the Christless and unbelieving will come.
Wade's unbelieving surprise, dwelt at length upon his enjoyment of Fallon's band and his longing to blow a cornet.
Into such blindness does God permit the unbelieving to fall.
The unbelieving dog,'' answered Anwold, kennels in the cell next your holiness.
We sat hushed and unbelieving in that terrible, deathlike silence.
McGuire stopped where he stood to follow it with unbelieving eyes.
But all were alike cynical, cold, unbelieving, and even insulting.
I did not tell this story to my friend's sergeant, who was a hostile and unbelieving person, but to his lieutenant, who did not know us quite so well.
At the rate of a mark of gold for each six pounds of silver, thou shalt free thy unbelieving carcass from such punishment as thy heart has never even conceived.
The poor child had become altogether unbelieving as to the trustworthiness of that Key which had made the ambition and the labor of her husband's life.
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