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Sentence Examples
It matters little whether a person is able to list herself as a believer or unbeliever, an atheist or a theist, a being of gnosis or of a-gnosis.
I am English, born in Britain, but I am referred to as a heretic, unbeliever, infidel, etc., because I am a Pagan.
She, like me, had been a scoffer, a cynic, and an unbeliever and had put her faith in the wretched medical con-artists.
Every religion has its fundies, people who believe that they are the blessed ones and everyone else is an unbeliever, unworthy.
The Gentiles or unbeliever is able to keep the moral law because they are made in the image of God.
We have already been irrevocably tarred with the stain of sinner, unbeliever and infidel.
The terrorists must not allow the idea to spread around that you are safe so long as you are neither an unbeliever or a foreigner.
Just as no unbeliever may be barred from federal service for his atheism, no true believer may be excluded for his abiding faith.
Again like Don Juan, Austin, as philosopher and teacher, is above all an unbeliever and a demystifier, a theoretician of human error and illusion.
Examples from Classical Literature
Eye of mocker has not seen, nor foot of unbeliever trod this purlieu, the last to receive his blessing.
She never was an atheist like Godwin, or an unbeliever of the Voltaire school.
It was as if a professed unbeliever in ghosts should be frightened by a ghost story.
There are questions that the glib unbeliever may ask that we can not answer.
Let us suppose that you are an unbeliever, a philosopher, it matters not of what special school.
A person is not an unbeliever for not being able to prove the incorporeality of God.
If an unbeliever should see his way to gain by falsehood or licit fraud, what should deter him?
Her husband was a cripple, almost helpless, an unbeliever, and to some extent an opposer of religion.
Shall we believe the oath of an unbeliever attainted of sacrilege?
In this case the believers were all lost and the unbeliever saved.
This is as long as he is impenitent, an unbeliever and refuser.
All this, of course, only causes the unbeliever to blaspheme.
And were all this otherwise, wouldst thou have us show a worse conscience than an unbeliever, a Hebrew Jew?
They sang once more, a hymn that prophesied woe to the unbeliever.
In his mind he revolved many thoughts, chief among which was that the unbeliever lied.
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