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When Suzette drops by for an unannounced visit, Vinnie is horrified at the sudden appearance of a random element in her well-ordered life.
The first time many Pembrokeshire farmers knew a pipeline might be crossing their land was when surveyors and analysts turned up unannounced.
I ran up the stairs at full speed and knocked on his door, remembering the last time that I'd come over unannounced like this.
Orthodox Augustinians, however, assumed that Christ's return and the subsequent end of the world would be unannounced.
Now he shows up unannounced with his passive-aggressive Chinese flute at The Bride's wedding rehearsal, like Caine gone to the bad.
Only an unannounced visit by the agency could have ascertained the truth in the matter.
The certified factories must agree to unannounced inspections by accredited, independent monitors.
The IRC said it was very difficult to remain informed as to the fortunes of immigrants who leave the country unannounced.
Twenty years were needed for my next six films to be produced, the last two in the strange conditions of an unannounced war.
His daughter Margaret is writing a book about her unusual childhood and a biography by Paul Alexander is seeping unannounced into bookstores.
The show, one of a series of unannounced public rehearsals, is a challenge for audience and band alike.
I'm aware that the past week has been the longest unannounced hiatus I've taken from posting since this site started.
Around 20 officers will be mounting action days throughout July stopping vehicles in unannounced locations.
Part of their appeal is that spy satellites are supposed to travel over their target areas unannounced and undiscovered.
Taylor's unannounced departure marked his first known travel to a war zone outside the city since the rebel siege began.
The yet unannounced venue has a capacity of only 1000, so get tickets quick for what will be one of the most amazing shows this year.
And I had moved out of an apartment I rented from him because he kept coming in uninvited, unannounced.
No, when they want to bring things up they drop around unannounced for a chat.
All 54 public acute hospitals were audited in unannounced inspections during the summer and graded as good, fair and poor.
He showed up unannounced at the home of Copenhagen's prima ballerina and insisted he be allowed to dance Cendrillon for her.
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He came unannounced to make his own observations, like the spies sent into Canaan.
Only the previous week, at a station down the line, an interceptor had been launched at an unannounced satellite.
They were interrupted by the sudden and unannounced entrance of her brother.
Finding he could not walk in unannounced, he stood for a moment, his intention blank.
What means the unannounced substitution of other actors in the exciting play?
He came swiftly across the lawn to her, unattended and unannounced.
He was unannounced, as had ever been the custom at Gavrillac.
We'd have to move a fishery cruiser from the Minch, where they spend their lives, if the Russians arrived unannounced.
They used to bounce in unannounced and eat up all our peanut butter.
We literally burst unannounced into the tete-a-tete on the porch.
Of this scene, Duncan, who, in his eagerness to report his arrival, had entered unannounced, stood many moments an unobserved and a delighted spectator.
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