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This seemed to sink into him, rather than leaving him unaffected, or making him conventionally polite.
It converts fibrinogen to fibrin, and unlike thrombin, is unaffected by heparin.
There were food shortages, since people from unaffected areas did not have anything to eat either.
Black sponges are unaffected by solar UV, due to photoprotective pigmentation.
Subjects who rated themselves as habitually good sleepers were largely unaffected by the valerian extract.
The mask creates an interference pattern, exposing the photoresist in certain areas and leaving it unaffected in others.
He had no doubt that he would be unaffected by the forces, but Anna was obviously nervous about the impending blast-off.
They range from singingly chivalric to the unaffected generous, pleasurable additions to the lighter repertoire.
Further north still, the Cassley is obviously unaffected, as they have already taken two springers this season.
The judgment of the court, delivered by Scott LJ, was to the effect that the contractual right was unaffected.
It hopes to keep some areas open that are unaffected by the works such as the health suite and some dryside facilities.
The Gulf of Thailand was unaffected by the disaster, and all resorts are open.
Because the perturbation occurs outside the protein-binding area the protein binding seems to be unaffected.
Three hundred staff at Philips' remaining two operations in Ireland will be unaffected by the move.
Gametogenesis appeared to be unaffected by hypophysectomy suggesting that the hagfish gonad was independent of hypophysial gonadotropic control.
But on the face of it there was a seamless transfer with rents being paid by the same system and services unaffected.
For decades, patching the unaffected eye has been the mainstay of amblyopia treatment.
These tumors were transmitted to unaffected clawed toads by injection of cell-free extract from the tumors, suggesting a viral etiology.
The acting is quite naturalistic and the incidents between the affected and unaffected people are humorously portrayed.
Seventy per cent of households will be better off or unaffected by our plans.
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Examples from Classical Literature
The furfural constants of the lignocellulose are unaffected by the acetylation and condensation.
This only killed the algal growth with which the particles of copper came in contact and left the main body of alg unaffected.
But Gilder was unaffected by the attorney's lack of satisfaction over the result.
Paulinus converted thousands in Deira, but the men of Bernicia were unaffected by his pleadings.
The lignone group is unaffected, and combines with chlorine as in the original.
It is unaffected by chromic acid, but potassium permanganate oxidizes it to formic acid.
If this be quinidine, it will be dissolved on the addition of proportionately more ether, while cinchonine will remain unaffected.
This is a bit of coxcombry which has no match in the simple, unaffected vanity of the Portuguese.
With all the learning of a Buffon and a Cuvier, he was simple and unaffected as a child.
In some instances the cones are quite intact, and the beds of ash and scoriae are as yet almost unaffected by denuding agencies.
Are acquired powers transmitted to posterity, or is the germ plasm unaffected by its environment?
Such unaffected simplicity and ingenuousness is most refreshing to witness.
It has been stated that sound rubber left in contact with tacky specimens was found to be unaffected after two years.
He was simple and unaffected in his manners, and never assumed any magniloquence because of his exalted position.
It has a very powerful odour, resembling that of some of the umbelliferous plants, and is unaffected by caustic potassa.
They were pleasant, kindly, unaffected people and we enjoyed their society.
The characters are non-moral reprobates who lie, rob, and drink with the most unaffected sincerity.
In Figure L 3a the nystagmus occurs only in males and descends through unaffected females.
The contents of octal digits 0-5 of the index register location are unaffected by this instruction.
Captain Harville, though not equalling Captain Wentworth in manners, was a perfect gentleman, unaffected, warm, and obliging.
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