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What can you and the people you typify or represent do, in terms of leadership?
And you could probably typify both experiences as examples of the collective unconscious or race memory.
Steep topography, sparse vegetation, and infrequent but intense thunderstorms typify many flash-flood hazard areas.
These characteristics typify what's expected in lower mainland steelhead carrying systems.
These three characteristics typify the political Islamism that has been forceful for so long in several of our countries of origin.
These examples typify the difficulties that psychologists may experience with peer review and commentary.
This analysis helped to identify, clarify and describe skills that typify those needed to do this kind of work.
Although they are not necessarily the same from year to year, the characters deliberately typify the diversity of a campus setting.
Thus, the relationships that youths described may not typify the full range of close online relationships of youths in general.
It may escape the insane rental prices that typify so many New York neighborhoods.
Short but deep jaws with banana-sized sharp teeth, long hind limbs, small beady eyes, and tiny forelimbs typify a tyrannosaur.
The grand effigies that typify civic sculpture invariably commemorate great statesmen, founding fathers or political icons.
Thus the various ritual capacities of North Mekeo chiefs and sorcerers typify the sort of interpersonal agency implicit in Melanesian personal partibility.
The highly seasonal plankton blooms that typify the Antarctic continental shelf are paradoxical when considering the planktivorous diets of sponges.
Slow moving or static high pressure areas with their temperature inversions typify these conditions and cause rising pollution if they enclose a source of pollution.
It does not correspond to any documented location in historical Rome but seems instead to typify the visual character of the city at the height of its urban development.
What avenues are now open to young filmmakers who are interested in getting into the type of personal, essayistic documentary filmmaking that your work has come to typify?
More than any other mark of our parish's success, we celebrate the multitude of Baptisms and Chrismations that typify the spiritual growth of this community.
That seems to typify the message the Government gives to New Zealanders.
So the greatest examples will typify their time and take you back there.
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Examples from Classical Literature
The irregular swaying of the boat and the tug seemed to typify the new phase.
They came to typify all the dark and formidable powers as to their inevitableness.
His Virgins are like goddesses, and seem to typify for him the strength of womanhood.
Therefore, when you fight for us you fight not only for yourself, but for everything you typify.
Was he a quadruped with mane and tail, or an allegory invented to typify destiny?
It was the one which among the Indians is supposed to typify memory and regret.
It was allegorical and was intended to typify the course of human life.
What doom or what disaster did this storm typify and predict?
The sciences, for Stephens, typify the precision that the Pre-Raphaelites demand of the artist.
The pressing-stones by means of which soma is crushed typify thunderbolts.
The reintegration of Rome must typify the triumph of mankind.
I have not meant to deceive you to your harm, but the temptation to be with you and those whom you typify must be my excuse.
These studies of wartime travelers capture remarkably unguarded moments and typify Bubley's instinctive talent for inconspicuousness.
It seemed to her to typify all that was unlovely in her life.
This was to typify to him his own undutiful and unnatural behavior.
While men may not have intended to typify anything in the case, God did.
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