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During roasting, if turkey overlaps the pan rim, tuck a strip of heavy-duty foil along the sides of the pan to keep fat from dripping over.
Never cross a seam, dart, tuck or pleat with another seam without pressing it first.
My mum used to tuck my jumpers in when I was little, I realised how daggy that was at age four when my kinder friends laughed at me.
Another way to secure the pouch is to tuck it into a cummerbund, belt or sash.
The only time to tuck a napkin into a shirt front is when you are a guest at a crab feast or picnic.
For the main course, tuck into some of Greece's favourite vegetables, tomatoes, spinach and zucchini or courgettes.
Denning continue his run in to the area and while he mishit Telfer's cross, Seddon was on hand to tuck the ball home.
Cut the dough into two equal portions, flour them lightly, and tuck and shape them into fat cylinders.
She tirelessly dusts, polishes, cooks and cleans and then still has the patience to tuck you into bed and read you a story.
Some of his dark hair flopped onto his forehead and I almost reached out to tuck it back into place.
Dejectedly they tuck into the strawberry cornets before the van is taken to a scrapyard.
Listening to Layla, we unfold the slim Goan papers and tuck into our breakfast of papaya slices, toast, Goan poi and piping hot coffee.
The wind blew soft black hair into her eyes, but she didn't bother to tuck it behind her ears.
It is a tube of cloth folded with a pleat to fit the waist and secured with a belt or a tuck in the waist.
Frankly, this ripe, spicy, cassis and berry-fruit red with a fine gamey finish is one of the best on the block, so tuck in.
You can tuck in to moules frites or merguez, a spicy Spanish sausage, and chips.
The ammunition lot number is imprinted on the outside of the right tuck flap of the 50-round box.
Meanwhile, a litter of up to 20 South American coatis can be seen out and about playing every day as they tuck into insects, eggs and fruit.
It requires microsurgery to attach the free-flap to a blood supply, but you get a tummy tuck thrown in while avoiding the trim-flap problems.
A hollowed pumpkin is a fitting place to tuck a small pot of mums or an arrangement of fresh or dried flowers.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Faix, but had Oona been tuck away tonight wid that vag o' the world, it's not laughin' you'd be.
Why do you not tuck up your sleeves to drag me out to hang me up to the lamppost?
The skirt was long enough to tuck around her baby's feet when she carried it.
Finally they got discouraged trying to fight Blant in the open, and tuck to ambushing.
An' sure if he tuck as much as he could from huz, an' GeV as little as he could to the parson, wasn't it all so much the betther?
Be that as it may, it was nip and tuck between them in the gubernatorial campaign.
Clark and Stars were fairly in lock-step behind Hall, and it was nip and tuck with the three until the tape was broken.
This was diagnosed as ptosis of his organs, and an operation was done to tuck these up.
If the tressing in or tuck of a ship's quarter under water hangs deep, or is overfull, they say she has a fat quarter.
I raced indoors, seized the sergeant's tuck and took his baldrick from him, heedless of his vile threats.
Dey tuck all de stock and cattle what folks had, and burned and 'stroyed eve'ything.
One thing is that the Flemish knitter cannot get on at all comfortably unless the needles are long enough to tuck under her arms.
Dem Yankees tuck eber thing dat dey saw eben to our Kush, what we had cooked fer our supper.
When I tuck him up, he grabbed me round the neck and dug his little face into mine.
Dogwatch UK, which helps find homes for hapless hounds, is inviting people to tuck in to a variety of treats tomorrow at a garden party.
Fold and tuck the red tabs into the slits indicated by a white dotted line to add stability.
I am on the point of signing up for a tummy tuck after years of being a disbeliever.
They mummify the victim, as it were, and tuck him away for the morrow.
So I tuck Asa Montagu, and he tuck Absalom Bement, and they two tuck old Squire Napthali Green.
It was nip and tuck across to the Contra Costa Hills, neither of us seeming to gain or to lose.
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