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Sentence Examples
Canteens and goatskins had been half-drained before this was discovered by unfortunate soldiers seeking to slake their thirst.
With care he crouched and drank, filling a mouth that seemed always parched, striving to slake a thirst he could no longer quench.
But when people get tired by the roadside, there is no one to offer buttermilk to slake their thirst.
Dams were one solution, both to slake the thirst of livestock and to feed patches of green lucerne for ostriches.
The amber liquid is still flowing freely in the niteries, although you may have to box a little cleverer to slake your thirst half an hour later.
They all took deep draughts of water to slake their thirst, unheeding the fact that it might not be suitable for drinking.
Seasonal workers are run ragged at this time of year, trying to slake the desires of Christmas-crazed consumers like me.
I thought of him prowling the streets at night, lonely, perhaps even a little drunk, unable to slake his unknown cravings.
I will not waste those twelve years trying to slake your father's thirst for glory.
Before I pressed play, I wanted more sound, layer upon layer to slake my thirst for novelty.
There are no gloves, no pads, no iced tea to slake their thirst, no lemonade for breaks, and no hats to protect them from the sun.
Wiping out humanity is hard work, so she naturally paused to slake her thirst.
The main job of the pool is to slake birds' thirst, not only on hot summer days but also in winter when natural sources of water may freeze solid.
It was the grape of choice to slake the thirst of forty-niners.
Near the memorial were some wine casks and an unopened stubby of beer, whose label was yet to fade, which had been left to slake the thirst of the deceased.
Examples from Classical Literature
There were no trees to give the men shade, or springs to slake their thirst.
When they have discovered this, no dangers can deter them from attempting to slake their thirst.
The cart was returning empty to Paris, and the two lackeys had agreed, for their transport, to slake the wagoner's thirst along the route.
We carried, however, enough in our water-bottles to slake our own thirst.
But even now, hot and weary, he refused adequately to slake his thirst.
Nor did he give the wounded bull opportunity to slake his burning thirst in the slender trickling streams they crossed.
My first act on coming to this water was, of course, to slake my thirst.
As the mulberry man said this, he turned his glass upside down, by way of reminding his companion that he had nothing left wherewith to slake his thirst.
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