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Junior officers in the British army require their commanding officer's permission to marry or they are obliged to resign their commission.
The central government reshuffled its cabinet, asking the law minister to resign.
He became the first African leader upon independence to resign office voluntarily.
Once in office, that person could accept no other office in the state and had to resign any office already held.
It may be time to require that a future pontiff who reaches the age of eighty be required to resign.
In February 1559 he made a desperate plea to the queen to allow him to resign the governorship.
If people aren't interested in private lives, why have so many cabinet ministers been forced to resign over the years?
I guess it means that we should keep pricking away at him but make no serious effort to get him to resign or step down.
If you were to resign Bernard, if your whole party branch was to disappear up its own fundament, no one would ever know.
His sluggish response kicked off a crescendo of criticism, prompting calls for him to resign from within his own coalition.
At around 6 p.m. Buenos Aires time, 19 hours after declaring a state of siege, De la Rua announced his intention to resign.
Until, that is, all three threatened to resign on Monday evening if no better offer was forthcoming.
The only course of action is to persuade him to resign or to hold a primary.
Ralph asked me to resign my full-time post and be his assistant, because he needed someone.
One of the first things a prosecutor does in a plea negotiation with a crooked pol is try to force the pol to resign his or her office.
Nixon was forced to resign when evidence of his involvement in Watergate cover-up emerges.
Once a first lieutenant in the Army, he had chosen to resign and was punished by being conscripted as a soldier back into the same unit.
He had to resign over his apparent condonation of Mussolini's conquests in the Abyssinian War.
The caller, one of my informants, tells me that a Democratic Party leader has decided to resign.
He decided to resign his commission in the British army and became the first librarian of the Belfast Society for the Promotion of Knowledge.
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Examples from Classical Literature
The god, now ready to resign the empire of the world and prepared for the ending of the Aesir, awaits the hero's coming.
He is governed only by love, and I am about to resign my godhood in his favour.
He then consulted various people, the Dukes of Cumberland and Buckingham inter alios, who advised him not to resign.
An outbreak of Colombian troops at the capital forced the faithful Sucre to resign and leave the country.
Now a petition is being circulated among the privates requesting Major Keifer and me to resign.
He must have been disgusted that the Burgesses were too cowardly to vote down a resolution requesting the governor not to resign.
He was finally brought to resign his pastorate and accept a less important charge at Palo Alto.
Nor did the peccant Lieutenant James think it worth while to resign his commission.
Mortimer was to be asked to resign his position as soon as his place in the bank could be filled.
Nicolas accordingly raised him to the cardinalate in 1278, called him to Rome, and thus forced him to resign the archbishopric.
Besides, Mr. Morgan offered to resign his seat in the House of Commons in his favor.
Beybars, also, was now deserted by sellar, and he at length was obliged to resign.
I construed this remark into an indication of a wish that he should have my place, so I blushingly offered to resign it.
I was obliged to resign Berenice to the care of her attendants.
But political sources said Doi has been driven into a tight political corner with calls for her to resign as party head mounting.
I have come to tell you, sir, that I wish to resign my curacy.
The only course at all consistent with her own self-respect was to resign her part.
But it is still amazing to find them so insensitive that they do not understand they have to resign.
Anyway, I advise you to resign as captain of the baseball club.
Ricksen, who is battling motor neurone disease, started his career at Fortuna and had to resign from a coaching role at the club after news of his illness emerged last year.
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