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St Tropez is tinted so the therapist can easily see where she is applying it and it makes for an even application.
Her eyes blazed with a new and different kind of sadness, the kind that is tinted with anger and regret.
The only thing wrong with that picture was the fact that he had wild red hair, tinted with bits of black.
Bill looks slim and well-tanned and has a neat short haircut that has been tinted blond.
Her blonde hair was tinted with a bit of light brown and put in beautiful loose curls that Nicole adored.
The screen was turned on again and it showed Jordan pass by a boy her age with brown and red tinted hair.
His skin was milk-white, with cheeks currently tinted in a light blush of pink.
Solar transmissivity in new windows is controlled through the use of tinted or coated glazings.
The frame is eye-blindingly bright in trashy neon yellow and the soft thermal lens is tinted orange for your viewing pleasure.
The colours, like delicately tinted porcelain, of the gods, figurines rather than figures, accord with the unemphatic grace of the composition.
The brunette just sighed sadly and looked out the window, a few red tinted curls slipping from her loose ponytail to fall in her eyes.
Devout persons, offering sacrifices of fruit, yak butter or flowers, touch and kiss the idol, which is tinted with red ochre.
The story is largely seen in flickering circles of light and specific scenes are tinted using intense bubblegum pink and steely blue.
His hair was blond, and his eyes a bright blue colour, partially hidden behind a small pair of green tinted spectacles.
The sensual styling is complemented by body coloured bumpers, stylish front fog lamps and tinted glass.
A varnish stain or polyurethane in clear or tinted is another choice for redwood, cypress and cedar.
He used tinted glass cutlery which made all his curries look the same and were either bottle green or a caramel brown.
The concrete walls are largely unadorned, but in places are tinted dull pink or blue and clad in horizontal slats of dark tropical hardwood.
They were green tinted with yellow, the color of light shining on the outspread leaves of a forest canopy.
And then a very small woman in a leather waistcoat and cowboy chaps and tinted glasses appeared from out of the school stage curtains.
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Examples from Classical Literature
But barely had she entered the tinted atmosphere when her movements became awkward and convulsive, effortful and excited.
It is the colour of the bud when the peach begins to bloom, not the pink of the peach blossom so prettily tinted with yellow.
There are 640 large imperial quarto pages, artistically printed on heavy cream tinted paper made expressly for this work.
An illuminant of this character can be obtained efficiently by using a properly tinted bulb on tungsten filament lamps.
There was a suggestion of meretriciousness in the tinted lips and the pretence of colour on the charming face.
The portrait is so ethereally tinted and so firmly modeled that we seem to be looking at a study painted by a lover from the life.
The crimson of her cheeks was vivid, but tinted away into the creaminess of her satin skin.
This beautiful delicately tinted little species is clearly tilmadochoid in the Friesian sense.
Because their colours are always tinted by the deepening hues of the interjacent atmosphere.
The pen must be dipped in the juices of that edenic vegetation and tinted with the blue of that arching sky to record such beauty.
These rocks are well tinted 236 with lichen, but they present a barren appearance.
His nose had a strong and shapely arch, and the dark grey of his eyes was tinted with blue.
They are also tinted by the superposition of a tinted atmosphere.
Gustowska tinted these projections a moist green hue that enhanced their mesmerizing, visionary qualities.
The basket at her side was full of club moss and gaily tinted toadstools.
It was a giant dog, as large as a calf, tawny tinted, with hanging jowl, black muzzle, and huge projecting bones.
Each fortune's connate with the gazer's star, And tinted as she dreams.
They say it's made of cottage cheese, stirred smooth and tinted pink.
The cake is decorated with blue tinted buttercream frosting, marbleized with blue fondant waves inspired by the classic movie.
Buildings are sometimes tinted with a mixture of lake and gamboge.
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