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His arms are thrust backwards, and one can see his ribs protruding from his front.
They thrust them on me, admonishing me to be sure to boil them well before eating, as they were rock hard.
He took a couple steps forward and thrust out with his sword, hoping to intimidate them or scare them away.
You can hardly enter or leave the Royal Garden Plaza without tripping over someone's junk or having useless articles thrust into your face.
Rapidity of thrust generation is accordingly coupled to torsional agility in pitch.
I tried to put my money in my bag, but a young police officer thrust his Kalashnikov at me and rifled through my bag.
She thrust one hand through the window, gripping the ledge inside, and heard a soft grunt of surprise as her fingers grazed softness.
When a propeller produces thrust, aerodynamic and mechanical forces are present that cause the blade to vibrate.
These modalities included muscle energy, thrust, counterstrain, articulation and myofascial release.
It's powerful, with 35,000 lbs of thrust, and fuel efficient since it does not require fuel guzzling afterburners to run supersonic.
Because of its smaller thrust and lack of an afterburner, it has a lower removal rate than the F100 engines analyzed.
Nicola said she wasn't scared by the prospect of being thrust into a wholly foreign lifestyle.
The breech-face on a revolver takes a tremendous beating as it stops the rearward thrust of the fired cartridge.
Finally, when he got a hold of it, he thrust it in the keyhole and the lock opened with a loud click.
As you know, I find the cut and thrust of reasoned argument intensely stimulating.
The movement's main thrust, however, was to seek legislative restriction of the liquor traffic.
The displacement of the thrust sheet produces two anticlines and a syncline.
Do you panic when snooty sommeliers thrust an encyclopaedic wine list at you and you know that they will be back in a minute demanding an answer?
If that is the case, it will thrust the reclusive billionaires into a limelight they have spent years avoiding.
Diana was counting the tiny cracks branching off of the main one when a dirty hand thrust a heel of bread under her nose.
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Examples from Classical Literature
The hunchback seemed to advance like a duelist who parries the first thrust of his opponent.
Hagar drew it under her blanket, held it fumbling there, and thrust it forth again.
A couteau de chasse was thrust in his leathern belt, and a magnificent mountain-dog walked leisurely at his side.
For the dozenth time he raised his ponderous spear and thrust the pointed end at the wall with all his strength.
She thrust the packet into a side pocket and started to the garage with the coat.
She caught up the money and the note, thrust them into her guimpe, locked the case, and ran to the road.
They found her afterwards by her own hearthstone, thrust through by a Frenchman's bill.
Scully, trembling, thrust forward one of his huge kid-gloves, and led her to the head of the country-dance.
Hanging on to the bulwarks, I smell the salts that are thrust under my nose.
He indicated the third person by a downward thrust of the thumb to the box on which they sat.
Erika cast a glance of amazed bewilderment at him as he thrust her out of the door.
Lew, meantime, had cleaned the fish and cut some black birch branches which he thrust through the fish lengthwise.
His gibus was thrust back and exposed a disorder of hair that suggested a reckless desperation.
Sometimes a grommet, or ring of cordage, is worked upon the spear near one end, to prevent the hand slipping when making a thrust.
He clutched it avariciously, looked at it as a miser looks at gold, and thrust it into his shirt bosom.
He was alertly watchful for any quick thrust that might find him off guard.
Quickly, as the mate approached, he fished out a dollar and thrust it at the counterman.
Bill cast a baleful glance at his rival and thrust 247 out his chin insolently.
A more vigorous empire might have thrust forward and reconquered Dacia, but the Roman Empire lacked any such vigour.
She had swung down on the other side of the horse, and her glance at him across the saddle seat was like a rapier thrust.
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