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Gadget addicts can finally throw away their ever-growing collection of chargers.
Choose an uncarpeted room and protect the table with a cover that you can roll up and throw away or shake off outside and wash.
If you'd rather look fresh as a daffodil, throw away your muffler, shake off the woolly hat and try these six simple, sexy looks.
Million is just putrid, stinking like that old container of chunky, skunky eggnog from last Christmas that you forgot to throw away.
Nao was a person who wouldn't even throw away the wilted leaves of turnip greens.
Clean the tools with soap and water and throw away all the scrap wallpaper.
And throw away the bronze knuckledusters which you used to pulverize that man.
We throw away stuff not because it's outlived its usefulness or functionality but its novelty.
I could actually see a stronger argument to eat the weaker members of the human race who throw away their advantages.
It is interesting that so often we seem to prefer our sporting heroes to be those who throw away their talent.
Yes, Turkey does the same thing, but why throw away a perfectly good knight just because you have a bishop fianchettoed in the corner?
I only wish he would not throw away the line about whose yacht is anchored just offstage.
You can make a difference, as long as you live in a swing state and don't throw away your vote on a third party!
The furthest patch of ground is only a stone's throw away from the Heritage Amphitheatre Stage and the sound quality of the venue is superb.
Germany is the host and Poland is a stone's throw away from Hanover, site of their June 20 matchup.
To throw away a two-goal advantage once in a derby is unfortunate, twice though is careless, bordering on inexcusable.
The ex-offenders centre is only a stone's throw away from the Ursuline Convent where there is a secondary college for teenage girls.
No one wants a tip or incinerator anywhere near them but will shout their heads off if they are asked to recycle or reduce what they throw away.
But we have to move on from recycling to persuading people not to take home stuff that they will throw away in short order.
You're instructed to throw away all your laddered tights, holey socks and sad-looking bras.
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Examples from Classical Literature
The best critical writers on ancient history have agreed not to throw away the cosmogony and the hierology of Greece.
And what workman will throw away a sharp tool, because it may cut his fingers?
Did any nation ever before deliberately throw away its political, commercial, financial, and Social Credit to no purpose?
The Nilghai said something uncomplimentary about soft-headed fools who throw away their careers for other fools.
The alarming way that each one did not throw away what was taken away did not dissatisfy every one.
Separate the dark and light meat and throw away the feet, from which the gluten has been extracted.
If there is a greasy liquid to throw away, add to it a teaspoonful or more of washing powder, and let it stand a time.
Please look carefully at the enclosed specimen of dicentra thalictriformis, and throw away.
The involutes curves are difficult to machine, and you would throw away or try to recover a whole lot of scrap metal.
Wipe it off with cheesecloth or an old towel, that you can throw away.
I am going to throw away a precious bit of silver on a gondolier.
Careless captains do but throw away what heedful men might win.
It is a fight E L'OUTRANCE, and we can afford to throw away or forgo no chance.We shall throw away or lose nothing that we can help.
He has hardly had time to throw away that chance you gave him before this letter comes, and puts the ball at his foot for the second time.
Is it not wickedness, mura, to throw away one's life as you do?
Have I been such a ninny as to throw away my regard upon you?
Valdez throw away yellow silk, and I take for my arrows so rain not wash off poison.
The family, having no idea of this, and no more money to throw away, had nothing to do but give up and submit to one more misery for the rest of their days.
They test every tiny disc of mica, and throw away nine out of ten.
Did this attorney mean to throw away his client's life without an effort?
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