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If Lady Luck were a bit kinder to them they would have been out of sight as we entered those heart throbbing dying minutes.
Around the temple are other structures in ruins and clearly this was once a township throbbing with pilgrims and the chant of mantras.
The pump chattered for a few moments, then settled down to a deeper, steady throbbing.
He was standing in front of two new checkout aisles with what can only be described as a throbbing bank of technology behind him.
My mood on Friday wasn't helped by the fact that I was limping around with a painfully throbbing bruised ankle.
I wrapped my arm around his neck and pulled him close, hugging him tightly, and ignoring my throbbing arm.
The next day, his wrist throbbing from a previous bout with a punching bag, Els tumbled back into the crowd.
The darkness closed in on her, trapping her in profuse exhaustion and a dull throbbing pain.
Then, the first thing that I do think about is how much my foot and the phantom pain is throbbing.
Belladonna is given to people who are feverish and have a sudden throbbing headache.
She lives with regular dizziness and a constant throbbing pain in her chest and legs because of the pressure on her circulatory system.
Finally, it can triple as a cowcatcher, much like the ones featured on throbbing steam engines.
Her guitar is now amped up and she fronts a sizzling band with a pair of electric guitars, a throbbing amplified bass, drums and a girl singer.
The walls are throbbing gently to the beat of music coming from one near and several more distant amplifiers.
The band funks it up with varying shuffle drum backbeats, throbbing bass lines, a wailing saxophone and feathery keyboard treatments.
The man's eyes darted open as he glanced around the room for a moment, heart pounding and hand throbbing in sympathy with the memory.
There are countless others including some recently written that would take very little to get the blood pounding and the heart throbbing.
The considerate husband will keep in mind that his wife is a living, throbbing human being, not merely a galley slave to do his bidding.
For example, the poisonous plant deadly nightshade, also known as Belladonna, causes a throbbing headache, high temperature and bright red face.
I could feel scabs tearing and scratches throbbing when I gingerly sat on the mattress beside her.
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Jane had hardly settled down to rest when the lights of North Platte appeared far ahead and the throbbing of the motors eased off.
Potts almost felt the currents surging through the neurons of his brain and sensed a throbbing on the inside of his skull.
Full and fair he leaped out toward the swinging bar of the big trapeze, the snare drum throbbing out as he jumped.
From far away came a drone that was separate from the throbbing of his head.
Tip's heart was throbbing with pleasure as he walked on home after Ellis had left him.
Faint above the incessant throbbing of explosions, the sound of a claxon horn.
But once in a while among the misspelt, poorly written scrawls, there would be a throbbing story of life.
Little nervous chills set them aquiver, their hands were cold, their faces throbbing hot.
I washed my face and lay on the cot with a washrag soaked in cold water on my throbbing eye.
At that moment he heard the throbbing drone of unsynchronized German aircraft engines far to the east.
After stretching some of the tiredness out of his throbbing muscles, he relaxed and lay quietly, trying to recall exactly what he had said.
Again and again it sounded, the whole air throbbing with it, strident, wild, and menacing.
On the edge of the prairie, where the sun had gone down, the sky was turquoise blue, like a lake, with gold light throbbing in it.
Muffled, slow, grand and mournful, it went wailing and throbbing by.
Then once more she would cuddle the warm, little bundle close to her throbbing heart.
Granice, with a throbbing heart, watched Denver refill his pipe.
Peat-cutters on Blackdown and fishers upon the Exe heard the distant throbbing rising and falling upon the sultry summer air.
The engines were throbbing and the Argos was beginning to creep.
Just when she would begin to feel almost self-sufficient it would quicken to a throbbing ache.
A mighty thought is throbbing and seething in my cohesive brain.
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