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Strip away the jargon, and you are talking about ambushing terrorist groups, raiding weapons shipments in transit, and rescuing hostages.
Unlike political or terrorist acts, criminal abductions were found to largely occur without any accomplices.
And if they think that his representative is too effective, they can always charge them with aiding and abetting a terrorist.
I mean, your heart just goes out for what has happened there, these suicide terrorist bombers and the way people and children have to live now.
And he went after the terrorist bombers and he was able to stop them and to imprison them and to put a total halt to any such activity.
Anyone who aids the terrorist bombers will be deemed accessories after the fact to Murder, and subject to the most serious penalties.
It is easy to dismiss terrorist bombings in far away countries as being unimportant to us.
On being asked to leave he accused the shopkeeper of being a terrorist and playing a part in the bombings.
Has that world really been rendered permanently obsolete by the terrorist bombings?
Now, after 343 of them perished in the terrorist attacks, there are just too many funerals, wakes and memorial services to get round them all.
Bullet-proof glass and protective walls will hopefully put paid to any terrorist attacks.
They concluded that the generators would be an easy target for a terrorist attack of enormous consequence.
A rare war game will be held next month simulating a terrorist attack on Taipei, officials said yesterday.
And let's keep in mind the ultimate weapon of a terrorist is a nuclear warhead on a missile.
This is a clear indication that the terrorist thugs are on the warpath against the state.
There can be no warrant for the cold-blooded execution of a surrendered terrorist.
The accessory to murder charges remain in force, along with a charge of membership in a terrorist organization.
Allocating the funds on compiling, sharing, and enforcing the terrorist watch list would be a far better security investment.
The world first became wary of them during the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City when they made the terrorist watch list.
It's scandalous that airline passengers are still not screened against all names on a terrorist watch list.
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Today, it was held in a coastal location where a policeman posing as a terrorist was wearing a skullcap.
Dramatic events like her father's suicide, her mother's remarriages and her sister Isabella's conviction as a terrorist unroll from her memories.
If a party has billions of dollars at its disposal, it does not mean that it can stage terrorist attacks here or there scot-free.
After following a member home, a terrorist could simply wait in the shadows until late at night, then slip out and break into the trunk of the car.
The case of Cuban agent Ana Belen Montes has not received much media attention since she was arrested 10 days after the September 11th terrorist attack on America.
The old terrorist, raising an uncertain and clawlike hand, gave a swaggering tilt to a black felt sombrero shading the hollows and ridges of his wasted face.
He operated wholly alone, but he created a thousandfold more terror and achieved a thousandfold more destruction than all the terrorist groups added together.
The terrorist groups in Syria continue to kill civilians barbarically, which is what is hindering the aid delivery and worsening the humanitarian situation, he said.
We should not allow our horror at a terrorist massacre to coarsen our attitudes by overidentifying with Charlie Hebdo's smug derision of others' dearly held beliefs.
They have full freedom, even privileges in law, yet some homegrown terrorist were objecting and trying to destroy our ways of life, even in a small place like Kirklees.
Meanwhile, Counter Terrorism Department CTD arrested the wanted terrorist Ghazi Akbar from Sambat area of Swat who was allegedly involved in attacks on security forces.
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