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If Richards's film is a tribute to the tenacity of the treasure hunters, its very existence is proof of his dogged obstinacy.
He doesn't always block his man as designed, but he usually gets the job done, thanks to his tenacity.
Wilson was tentative for the first few weeks and didn't display his usual tenacity.
With so many suppliers and variables he had to possess a fair degree of tenacity.
If only his tenacity in pursuing ways to halt the arms race were contagious and could be passed on to certain political leaders.
Whatever you might think about the man, his morals, or his use of drugs, you have to admire his tenacity in the face of illness.
The swirl of conversation takes us to the legendary Aussie tenacity that he himself used to personify on the cricket field.
We should respect and admire their tenacity and self-belief, if not their ability to provide us with actual data.
The skill and tenacity of the teaching assistants were very apparent, often in the face of challenging new extensions to their role.
A lot of farmers, he believes, would have given up, but sheer tenacity and economic need kept him going.
We see the kind of stuff this young Scotch lad was made of in the tenacity with which he held to his plan.
But there is also a meatiness, a tenacity of grip, and, finally, a grandeur, which this production captures.
But by exercising tenacity and faithfully staying the course, these companies beat the pants off their competitors.
Persistence and tenacity, not to say downright stubbornness, are qualities that all tortoise owners will recognize.
It is not the tenacity of the distinction that concerns me, but that, for better or worse, we cannot do without it.
From 1981 to 1997, no one played with as much tenacity and dogged determination as Mullen.
With the camera in tow, Victoria simpered and clung to her husband with a tenacity that spoke well for his patience.
And then, just when he had reason to be content with a display of uncharacteristic tenacity, he missed an easy putt for par on the last.
They got a reputation for bolshiness, political dissidence, courage and tenacity that they have never lost.
They made it back with a combination of bravery, tenacity and good fortune.
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Examples from Classical Literature
The man had the tenacity of a Bruce or a Columbus, with a pliability that was all his own.
The gliadin imparts elasticity and tenacity, or toughness, to the gluten, and the glutenin gives it strength.
Like all races that survive the sepsis of civilization, the Hebrews show great tenacity of purpose.
Hence that wonderful tenacity of kindredship by which they are distinguished.
As the phones clicked off Updyke with stubborn tenacity, lunged back into the woof of his spider web.
He seized the girl's hand and hung on with a tenacity that bade fair to incumber her forevermore.
They come with the spring of life, root deep into the heart, and cling with irradicable tenacity through life.
The Chinese and the Corsicans blend the fibres of amianthus in their pottery to give it tenacity.
It showed an amazing tenacity, and the common people of Russia sustained it unswervingly under conditions of extreme hardship.
And, yet, it has a strong degree of tenacity and cohesiveness that enables it to resist attacks from the material side of nature.
The successors and followers of these men have adhered to the destructive lessons of their masters with undeviating tenacity.
General bol, with unprecedented tenacity, maintained his position as though he were rooted in the very soil.
Doubtless this process was to give the wax that ductility and tenacity belonging to its perfect state.
Here was a combination of the tenacity of steel with much of the flexibility of rope.
Another, known as aluminium bronze, possesses great hardness and tenacity.
She clung to appearances with a tenacity that nothing could shake.
Alluding to its tenacity of life and the carking wear of care.
From father to son, they clung to the ancestral house with singular tenacity of home attachment.
The tenacity of this straw makes it very valuable for such purposes.
They were firm, not because of their basis, but because she held them with a tenacity inseparable from her mental action.
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