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She tangled her hands in his hair, loving the soft feel of it, reveling in the sheer pleasurable delights she was being swept up in.
He tangled with other cardinals and disciplined church officials who dissented from official church policy.
Having tangled with his ilk before, I took on the role of elder ichthyologist.
The tangled steel frameworks of several of the toppled radio towers were also lying near me.
Her hair was now a tangled mess from the numerous run-throughs with her hands.
The youngster let out a yelp and clutched at the crown of his thatch of tangled, sandy hair.
The Yeah Yeah Yeahs front woman was lying in a tangled heap several feet below the stage of Sydney's Metro Theatre.
Near sunset, flocks of white and black egrets flew in to settle in the tangled mangrove branches above.
Beside him, the Indian girl came partway awake, batting a clot of tangled hair from her face.
I bend down to give her a kiss, pulling back the tangled mesh of her black hair.
By now the path has degraded into the faintest of trails, partly hidden by leaves, obscured sometimes entirely by masses of tangled roots.
Researchers have long known that fish often mature in the murky saltwater amid the tangled labyrinths of roots created by mangroves.
This machine arrived as a heap of tangled metal and over a five-year period was transformed into a fine example of authentic restoration.
Lying in the tangled mass of DNA is the chemical roadmap by which the biological past made it to the present.
There's an old black man, an aborigine, with long, tangled dreadlocks, kneeling at the edge of the pit.
Globular proteins partly unravel and become tangled, causing them to solidify, as when egg white sets.
The tangled evidence indicates that Crazy Horse favored a breakout to reunite with Sitting Bull.
And, as a melodrama about broken friendships and tangled family relationships, it only does the job some of the time.
He doesn't name a specific place, a specific society, or a particular world for Mozart's tangled love game.
The soldiers will be from local militias and local reserves, with all the tangled politics that implies.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Once he tangled briefly with a Purple Five guard, and the referee called a personal foul on both players.
Natural target in a gunfight, and in a rough-and-tumble it gets them all tangled up.
Arnold struggled with the terminals, most of which were a fused and tangled mess.
All that was tangled in life straightened out before them, the future seemed a sort of paradisaical boulevard.
In the dead water, just inside its mouth, lay a tangled mass of tree trunks.
Before them towered so high that the stars seemed tangled in its leaves a royal palm, one of the most magnificent trees on earth.
How might she unravel this tangled skein and float to weal upon this sea of death?
To deaden the sound of the bombs, she had coifed her head in a handkerchief, from which escaped her tangled hair, short and thin.
A water spider scooted past him, heading for the tangled moss along the bank.
As he went crashing through the tangled underbrush, he felt for his hunting knife.
Bill Sykes likes to be tried in a black coat, and draggle-tailed Sal smooths her tangled locks before she enters the dock.
If he hadn't been tangled up in his cod line, so we could haul him up by that, he'd have been down yet.
Swanson reluctantly followed him through the tangled aisles of stainless steel columns and tanks.
This tangled mass of green threads, called the protonema, is the first growth, from which the moss stems spring.
As a servant of the State, as well as a contender for the people, he was close to the tangled heart of the intricate struggle.
They have stout stems which twist and turn, interlace and knot themselves together into a tangled mass.
And the wizened little face, with its eldritch eyes and tangled hair, was withdrawn, and the door began to close.
They were far in the tangled, jungly forest, without a guide, for they had killed their prisoners.
I followed those tangled lines and labyrinthian ways into the vital places of our faithful vehicle.
If the German had waited, he must have seen me raveling it out like a cat tangled in a ball of cotton.
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