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These ideas, though born in England, were first taken up in America and France.
To stop the slaughter, a struggle had to be taken up against the warmongers in control, on both sides.
Two Royal Navy warships have taken up the rare opportunity to participate in Russian Navy Days.
Throughout the ferry, nudibranchs, groupers, puffers, and wrasses had taken up residence along with juvenile barracuda, fusiliers and rabbitfish.
When taken up by obstacles, beta particles produce a more penetrative secondary radiation known as bremsstrahlung.
The keen skier has just taken up snowboarding to try and recapture his youth.
Perhaps one-third of the land under crop was taken up by oats grown to feed a farm's own working horses.
By July though, it was reported from Beltana that no payable gold had been found, but that some good reefs had been taken up.
But, indeed, this was a day, a very precious day, considering the time between now and Tuesday, taken up trying to rejigger the staff.
Most of the other marines had taken up positions in barracks or in the cratered remains of bunkers destroyed by their grenadier.
The citizens' responses to four questions in the World Values Survey questionnaire have been taken up for detailed analysis.
When the old surface was taken up it disturbed gas pipes and we had leaks which have been repaired.
In 1997 the issue of animals at the lab was taken up by animal rights activists.
Recycling materials for use later was one of those issues taken up by people who had the leisure to think about such matters.
Sewage treatment and waste disposal should be taken up by local self-governments.
The single was a worldwide No 1 hit in 1966 and was taken up as an anti-war anthem by activists opposed to the Vietnam war.
However the main body of the meeting was taken up with items under Any Other Business.
But the litany of complaints from Government officials cannot be taken up by anyone other than themselves.
John ordered him to sit, motioning to the arm of his chair since all of the seats were taken up.
Others, like the Shetland and rough collie, have been taken up by show breeders and are virtually useless for livestock work.
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