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Their talk seemingly was of nulla-nullas, didgeridoos, boomerangs, pointing the bone, kadaitcha shoes, and tribal taboos.
Many people are too scared to risk pursuing a homosexual relationship, with all the social taboos attached to homosexuality.
Through mythology, one is able to violate the taboos of society without the guilt.
The thrill is in breaking taboos, and that is why taboos are fun to have around.
The strategy broke powerful religious taboos against suicide and the murder of innocents.
The Communist Party decided to dramatise its rather unique willingness to challenge taboos.
Accurate statistics are hard to come by, especially in a country where social taboos and threats keep many victims silent.
The cabaret performers and their audiences shared a more or less hidden opposition to social taboos and censorship.
Most importantly to feminism, do not support commercial manufacturers who use menstrual taboos to help sell their products.
The taboos regulating the sight of bare flesh are further determined by wider cultural considerations.
Yet for all their attempts to break taboos, what makes Americans most uncomfortable is the portrayal of intimacy between men.
There were also clan-specific food taboos on particular birds and wild animals.
A close cousin to humour as a political battering ram is comedy designed to break taboos.
Still, I'm not sure that merely transgressing social boundaries or taboos makes him any kind of trickster.
Meat, more than any other food, is hedged around with taboos and notions of uncleanliness.
They have both agreed to come and tell their personal stories in the hope of breaking down some of the taboos that surround mental health.
But in a subtle way, these non-rational taboos could discredit and pre-empt the application of rational criteria in other spheres.
The Kinsey report had blown taboos out of the water and the hippy movement made free love a political statement.
We were about to help celebrate the falling of one of the last, and among the most storied, comestible taboos in our European culture.
Our fearless comedians, who strive every year to find new taboos to breach, are scared of breaching the only one that matters today.
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Examples from Classical Literature
The more powerful a king of Loango is, says Bastian, the more taboos he must observe.
This was not due to laxity of morals, but to the fact that they had no taboos on reality.
Lang adds that these taboos are the basis of exogamic practices.
Rosie the Riveter has become a symbol of American women entering the workforce and breaking social taboos.
All the ancient civilizations had such taboos upon the menstruous woman.
Beyond doubt, the boy had broken the taboos, and privily he told him so, until Lamai trembled and wept and squirmed abjectly at his feet, for the penalty was death.
And Big-Fat put taboos all around this house and kept God inside.
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