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The viral solutions would survive the UV lights only because he would seal the syringes in an opaque biohazard container before leaving.
Clues from bones tell a remarkable story of an Ice Age drought, where mastodons undertook huge migrations just to survive the seasons.
But as he consulted with a Boise neurologist and examined lab results, he realized that King couldn't survive the blood pooling in his skull.
It couldn't survive the unforgiving light of the eighties, and sloped off to die in embarrassed solitude.
I envy the Aborigine his ability to survive the outback spaces with his knowledge and a throwing stick.
Her mother must have been mad to allow it, but she did and even provided a flask of coffee, which didn't survive the rigid rear suspension.
Will any of the business models that emerged over the past five years survive the meltdown on Wall Street?
Going by their current strengths, these libraries will survive the age of seamless connectivity too.
They may survive the winter, when fewer insects are available, by becoming torpid.
So far, though, the Wharton kids look as if they'd be content just to survive the daylong workshop unbruised.
This is because micro-organisms cannot survive the dry, oxygen-deprived conditions normally found in landfills.
Will this patriotic fervor survive the blowback that top government officials believe we may soon experience?
I was inspired by their ability to survive the Canadian winters and was always curious about what they wore on their feet.
Every now and then people in a deep coma are wrongly declared dead, and survive the experience.
Only when they were finished did I discover that the wooden boats were barely buoyant enough to survive the turbulent water.
He managed to get ashore after the Grosvenor was wrecked but did not survive the trek to safety.
You worry your system might not survive the shock if you experience too long of a lapse between nervous breakdowns.
It showed how ill-equipped the government was to deal with such an event as people in the story struggled to survive the chaos.
They live high and throw their money around rather than investing profits to build up their capacity to survive the next drought.
It grew up in the effort to conquer Canaan against what we thought was an ocean of idolaters and the effort to survive the Roman Empire.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Fictions or realities, could they survive the touchstone of this atom of common sense?
But this reanimation of energy was but a transient phenomenoa It did not survive the first freshness of its exciting cause.
Women survive the tragicomedy only by dint of their great capacity for play-acting.
Like all races that survive the sepsis of civilization, the Hebrews show great tenacity of purpose.
In the only game to survive the wet weather, Canton took full advantage with goals from Matthew Hibbs, Matthew Miller and James Alloway.
The court poet should not survive the court dwarf and the court jester.
But some Neisseriea gonorrheoeae, the bacterium that causes gonorrhea, mutated in ways that allowed them to survive the antibiotic onslaught.
The creator, 65-year-old Robin Lovelock, has spent four years developing a craft he believes can survive the 6,000-mile journey.
Carson City Sheriff Kenny Furlong said the gunman was not likely to survive the ordeal.
That caterpillar did not, however, pupate, or survive the winter.
Flapjacks chew and can survive the most hostile dunking, ergo are biscuits.
The Company informed that Vidette was amongst the five only 80 Centaur IV tanks ever built and the only Centaur Mark IV known to survive the June 1944 D-Day landings.
Today's digital technology offers a chance to pass down a purposeful legacy that will survive the ravages of time, and the experts at LegacyStories.
An exhausted scarlet tanager, otherwise on the verge of dying, might gain just enough energy from a dozen mealworms to survive the challenging journey to the American coast.
Retired haberdasher Ira Levinson, who lost his beloved wife Ruth nine years ago, has had a major car accident and wonders if he will survive the bitter North Carolina snow.
But if I survive the duel, I will hide it away, and he will not know, and I will not tell him until he reforms, and I see that his reformation is going to be permanent.
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