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It provides for the payment of the sum assured and the bonus amount on the survival of the policyholder at the end of the selected term.
The corollary is that it is not moderation, but total victory, that assures survival.
He then joined the army, motivated solely by a desire to learn combat and survival skills.
Even without taking into account large-scale land development, the malleefowl faces enormous survival difficulties with industry and ingenuity.
They are a technically reliable threat of last resort to discourage a foe from pressing too hard or threatening national survival.
With most aircrews traversing hot, desert-like climates, it's easy to assume an arctic survival situation is not in the cards.
For birds wintering at that northerly location, spring migrations may be less arduous, leading to increased survival and breeding success.
Pleasure is usually a reward for behaviour patterns that are good for survival and reproduction.
The story of his own and his mother's survival is recounted in his memoir with stunning visual detail.
Make sure you pack an emergency travel kit containing plenty of survival items.
These patterns may have implications for population survival and recruitment in forests.
Since its members will likely get next to nothing if it liquidates, the committee is now seen as an ally to the airline's bid for survival.
Some Americans are afraid the next disaster might be handled as badly as the last one and they're stocking up for survival.
Make no mistake, once you're in the crush for the ticket gates it's survival of the fittest, every man for himself.
It is a tale of fear and guilt, emotional survival, and the redemptive power of love.
For without a contrast model the world has no way to know or feel the oddness of its dependence on power for survival.
The felling of a sycamore tree in Bradford on Avon has angered residents who petitioned for its survival.
While the crew wrestles with the logistics of survival, emotional relationships between them begin to manifest.
Anything related to Taiwan's survival should be heeded with special alertness.
Ensuring that the animals are worth more alive than dead may be their only shot at survival.
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