Sentences and phrases with the word superiors

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Thus resentment does not arise and superiors and inferiors are in harmony.

One member, RUC officer John Weir, claimed his superiors knew of the collusion but allowed it to continue.

The Louisiana territory was to be administered by superiors in Cuba with a governor on site in New Orleans.

This most austere life is only granted to the most advanced monastics and only when their superiors feel they are ready for it.

However, Nelson's personality was complex, often characterised by a desire to be noticed, both by his superiors, and the public.

This demanded that the subordinates must advise their superiors if the superiors are considered to be taking a course of action that is wrong.

Burma Area Army originally quashed this idea, but found that their superiors at Southern Expeditionary Army Group HQ in Singapore were keen on it.

His scandalized superiors ordered him out of Zealand and held him in the priory at Viborg under close confinement until he should come to his senses.

He was something of a disciplinarian, but also impressed his superiors by his skill at sorting out paperwork and analysing recent training exercises.

and Lanquetot signalled to his superiors that the British were withdrawing precipitately, perhaps unaware of how fiercely the withdrawal was being contested.

It charges the official to obey his superiors, limit his desires, and to build roads to smooth the transmitting of directives from the center without modification.

Cortés reached Hispaniola in a ship commanded by Alonso Quintero, who tried to deceive his superiors and reach the New World before them in order to secure personal advantages.

He based his command on love rather than authority, inspiring both his superiors and his subordinates with his considerable courage, commitment and charisma, dubbed 'the Nelson touch'.

The revival of slave trade at Jaquim was only temporary, however, as his superiors at the Dutch West India Company noticed that Hertog's slaves were more expensive than at the Gold Coast.

The University enquired of these documents in 1738 but was informed by Thomas Innes and the superiors of the Scots College, that the original records of the foundation of the University were not to be found.

This transition did little to relieve the islands of internecine strife although by the early 14th century the MacDonald Lords of the Isles, based on Islay, were in theory these chiefs' feudal superiors and managed to exert some control.

While the various colonies in Australia were either sparsely populated or penal settlements or both, executive power was in the hands of the Governors, who, because of the great distance from their superiors in London and the resulting very slow communication, necessarily exercised vast powers.

Assistant Commissioner Lay said he did not believe the officer's superiors knew where he was or what he was doing.

One complained to superiors of stress when, after attempting to leave Ceja, he was knocked back from seven consecutive job-selection panels.

This new model offers superior performance.

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