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They were astonished to find stacks of gold ingots higher than their heads and reported this to their superiors.
He stood there with a distant look in his eyes holding a radio in his hand that was spattering incomprehensible messages from his superiors.
Would his superiors be angry with him if they found he had made so weighty a decision in their absence?
I will be recommending to my superiors that he is put forward for an award.
He's aced parts of the army physical fitness test and was admired by his superiors for his work ethic.
How are we supposed to feel a sense of accomplishment and achievement when our superiors deem these successes worthless?
In three minutes he was off the ship in his own craft to deliver another negative report to his superiors.
Underlings, superiors, competition among contemporaries, you name it, this has it.
At best, they had to await their turn at the food hoppers and not get in the way of their superiors.
Various groups of rigorists began openly to accuse their opponents of laxity in the observance of poverty and even to disobey their superiors.
The story turns rote, like a billion spy novels where the rogue agent has to meet his superiors and turn the tables.
Where among modern writers can you find their superiors in clearness and vigour of literary style?
When one soldier fired a rubber bullet lower, into the crowd, I saw one of his superiors grab his gun and berate him.
I have on occasion met some of my superiors on assignment, but they are usually in disguise or there is limited light.
Despite his frequently tense relations with his superiors, he engendered fierce loyalty among many of his subordinates.
The salary discrimination permits the superiors to fix the salaries of their employees on an arbitrary basis.
On Saturday he conscientiously completed his paperwork and reported to his superiors.
There was nothing sheltering this base creature from the eye of his moral superiors.
Nowhere were the demands imposed by social superiors subject to any significant restrictions or checks.
His philosophy in being an official was to gain the good opinion of his superiors by boasting about his achievements.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Couldn't you just tell me where your superiors are and let me teleport there?
As a chiseller of poetic cameos and medallions, he has few, if any, superiors among his contemporaries.
It was a matter of life and death to the Copt that he should court the forbearance and favour of his superiors.
Alone of all superiors, the saint does not depress the human dignity of others.
It would have alarmed his superiors, and done away with his chances of promotion.
Whether this visit was made in the interests of loyalty to his superiors or not may hereinafter appear.
Subordination to the wills of their superiors was ingrained in their natures.
He looked, and was, a typical Prussian, subserviently polite to his superiors and pointedly arrogant to those who were not.
Miao Shan further promised to observe all the regulations of the nunnery and to obey the superiors.
He was brutal and overbearing with the workmen, but humble in the presence of his superiors.
Why did you recommend him to his superiors for preferment on the next vacancy?
Father Divisch accepted the friendly advice of his superiors and obeyed like a good premonstratensian monk.
He even becomes a quidnunc, prying now and then into the personal affairs of his superiors.
He was an orator of the conceptions of his predecessors and superiors, an arguer of the case, a sheriff to execute a writ.
In the art of attenuating great reputations Anatole France has had few superiors.
He walked slowly over to his mess, followed by the badinage of his superiors.
Because his superiors, fearing his adroitness, keep him down.
Could you incur my displeasure by having followed the orders of your superiors with more intelligence and courage than another would have done?
Serfs were not addressed with their patronymic by their superiors.
They evidently considered themselves not merely her equals, but her patrons and superiors.
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