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The top class field were humbled by the strong design and some big names succumbed to the conditions.
By the time I had donned my wellies a large proportion of the big tree trunk had already succumbed to his chainsaw.
Anthropology, both in its American and British versions, while much richer in its theoretical practices, has succumbed to a postmodern tribalism.
She later succumbed to her injuries and was pronounced dead at the Mayerthorpe Hospital.
Truth is though that the record biz has succumbed to the old-fashioned science of statistical analysis.
Sandra succumbed to the disease, which had plagued her life for the past 13 years, last December.
Like many busy professionals, I have succumbed to the siren call of productivity.
Eight passengers died on the spot and two others succumbed to their injuries in hospital.
She began to parry and dodge their blazing fast attacks, but she was clearly outmatched and succumbed to their slashes and blows.
And it was Hussein, after all, who installed as heir apparent the little-known and unseasoned Abdullah just before he succumbed to cancer.
Many designers seemed to have succumbed to the liberating qualities of plastic, neoprene and PVC, with varying degrees of success.
Many a visiting brickie has succumbed to a heart attack after viewing walling here.
Perhaps influenced by Central American preoccupations with swine flu, the Panama Star said British MPs had succumbed to a worldwide disease.
I am disappointed that the seminary succumbed to the lure of media exposure in orchestrating this event.
I have exasperatedly succumbed to the practice of babying resistant young voters in the past.
In that time around 12 million sub-Saharan Africans have succumbed to the disease.
Chiefs and rajas, sultans and potentates succumbed to western authority with no apparent regret on the part of their subjects.
His father finally succumbed to alcoholism, orphaning the son with whom he had travelled the world.
We survived with just two till our son arrived and then succumbed to peer pressure and raised their strength to three.
Even stars such as Geri Halliwell and Kate Winslet have succumbed to pressure to swap their famous curves for more waiflike physiques.
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Examples from Classical Literature
One by one they succumbed to weakness and illness, until one only, a pilot from Huelva, was left.
She had found an adorer, and had apparently succumbed to his importunities.
The fear of the disgrace of a whipping was too much for me, and I succumbed to the evil one.
Captain Bia succumbed to smallpox and the column encountered every conceivable hardship.
Of five unvaccinated dogs, all succumbed to inoculation, by trepanning, of the brain.
Of eight unvaccinated dogs, six succumbed to the intravenous inoculation of rabic matter.
And, to complete the casualties, a zanzibari of the rear column succumbed to manioc poison.
Had you succumbed to the blows of fate with a whine of texts upon your lips?
There was one pack animal which, however, succumbed to the hardships of the route.
The Louvre, the great bastion of comme il faut art history, has succumbed to contemporary art.
Even saplings harvested from rot-resistant locust trees had succumbed to moisture and mildew.
Her nets were so well laid that the luckless suitors were all caught, and succumbed to the test she applied to them without their knowledge.
The British Army's Mercian Regiment put in a valiant performance going in level at half-time but in the end succumbed to a better team.
Four horses had succumbed to a gruelling day of fierce exertion.
Before these were completed she succumbed to the hardship of her life.
At the age of seventy-three he succumbed to a longstanding asthma.
In the French revolution of July 1830, and in the English reform agitation, these aristocracies again succumbed to the hateful upstart.
Cahokia and Vincennes soon quietly succumbed to his influence.
The recumbent figure in bed seemed to have actually succumbed to sleep.
She may have had no particular feeling for him, but succumbed to his wish from propinquity or idleness, to find then that she was powerless in a snare of her own contriving.
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