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Unfortunately for him, icons are not supposed to succumb to the ravages of age.
What we do need is a sense of justice that doesn't succumb to moral purity or compromise with political power.
In times marked by uncertainty and fear, it's easy to succumb to the comfort of the crowd.
One day she will slip away, and succumb to the spiritlessness of the broth.
When Nora was still a toddler, Woody began to succumb to Huntington's Disease, the hereditary malady that killed his mother.
The same course of illness, however, may also give rise to the temptation, if we succumb to despondency or take an attitude of devil-may-care.
Will they will stick to their ground and fight till the end, or succumb to the pressure?
Whatever happens, she is not expected to live beyond a further year and is likely to succumb to a respiratory infection this winter.
Her tastes are Brazilian-style barbecues and Japanese food but she does succumb to certain temptations.
Nostalgia is not a forbidden fruit but astute statesmen never allow prudence to succumb to it.
He survived a near fatal heart attack and subsequent cardiac surgery, only to succumb to motor neurone disease.
Anyone, no matter how strong-willed or educated will, to some extent, succumb to these mind control techniques.
The opposition will probably be forced to succumb to pressure from the West to join a national unity government.
Do not succumb to the temptation of jumping into impulsive and sensational outbursts of heavy workouts.
For many, the quality of life has deteriorated and they succumb to pressure.
They're about how these characters succumb to these pressures and these influences very much like we all do in our lives.
Do not succumb to the temptation to reduce development time, stop time, or clearing time.
They also succumb to the pressure of having to wear many hats and not truly understanding the business.
Ignition harnesses were prone to succumb to the damp British weather and the failure of the harness would also lead to the engine stopping.
At the Olympics, the inexperienced juniors are bound to succumb to the intense pressure that will be exerted.
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Since death seems joyous, it is not feared, and their friends are glad when they succumb to it.
Certain tissues die early, and the first to succumb to the lack of oxygenated blood are the nerve cells of the brain.
When acidosis becomes extreme, the diabetic patient is apt at any time to succumb to the dreaded diabetic coma.
Horses on the race track undergoing protracted and severe work in hot weather often succumb to heat exhaustion.
Milton makes Adam reluct and wrangle, but it is easy to see he will succumb to his wife's persuasions.
Thus by the law of tumefaction, death can and does succumb to its indomitable will.
If you water them erratically, they may succumb to blossom end rot, where the base of the tomato turns brown and renders them inedible.
Not the moony when-you're-weary-feeling-small of the songs you hate to succumb to, but the pure and natural outcome of art.
The classic case is Coleus which are so easy to root, yet older plants always succumb to winter damp in my greenhouse.
Pagan demon, I credit not thine omnipotence, and so cannot succumb to thy power.
The ladies competition saw the Prancers and Dancers of Bahrain succumb to the might of the UAE in the semi-finals.
Flunkeys will be on hand to mop her brow with eau de cologne and proffer sickbags should their mistress succumb to travel malaise, queasiness on boats, headaches.
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