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Looking down, I see scraps of wreckage, the crankshaft of a steam engine, odd bits of metal and a winch, but too deep for this late in the dive.
Floral tributes from his family included one on the shape of a steam engine in his company's corporate colours of green and yellow.
The trams are electric, but the hooter sounds like that of a steam engine. We wondered why.
At Utica, a railroad historical society has a former New York Central steam engine on display.
All of the machinery was driven by a steam engine in the basement of the machine shop.
Her single steel screw propeller was powered by a three-cylinder triple expansion steam engine and developed 162 hp.
The 95m iron hull was constructed along traditional clipper lines with masts and sails to supplement a steam engine driving a single propeller.
In one of the wings are two 62-inch Fourdrinier machines, each driven by an upright steam engine.
The Bahamas Locomotive Society is named after the Bahamas steam engine, one of the main locomotives in the collection.
They'd missed out on the steam engine and virtually every other scientific and industrial advance.
She ran on a 700-horsepower steam engine and had four jury masts on which four trysails and a jib could be set for emergencies.
In November 1839, a steam engine manufactured by H. R. Dunham of New York City replaced teams of horses as the main source of motive power.
The steam engine had symbolized the First Industrial Revolution and the electric motor and internal combustion engine the Second.
Of course, multiple unit diesels with one engineer can do it, but it takes a lot of diesel horsepower to match the steam engine at speed.
The steam engine with six bogies arrived from Shornur, through a metre-gauge track.
The Lord Stewart is listed as having two boilers and a three-cylinder steam engine.
Keep in mind that in those days, to be in the cab of a working mainline steam engine had to be on a par with a ride in a jet fighter today.
The sails were removed in 1866 and the mill was then powered by a coal-fired steam engine.
Adam recognized the sound of an engine that was much more sophisticated than that of a steam engine.
John Blenkinsop invented a steam engine which had cogs on one of its wheels.
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It is operated by a belt from a steam engine used for other purposes as well.
He engraved his blast furnace, and the casting of a beam of a steam engine.
One trouble with the steam engine as then built was that it was not uniform in motion.
The drainage of these mines was the most important purpose to which savery proposed to apply his steam engine.
The first steam engine invented by Hero was a rotary engine, but it was of course, most uneconomical of steam.
Some of the most important details of a steam engine are those of its valve gear.
He recommended, incidentally, that a Boulton and Watt steam engine be used to pump water to supply the waterwheel.
When capitalism began, when it came with its steam engine and its power-loom, what was the first thing it did?
Considered as a heat engine, the gas engine is now twice as efficient as the very best modern steam engine.
He was eccentric and irregular in his habits and quite ignorant of the steam engine.
I wished the beast would exhaust itself, and not be insensible to fatigue like a steam engine.
To vary this game, name one row a steam engine, another an automobile.
Old Pat was asleep way in back there and snorin' like a steam engine.
Hirn of Colmar measured the ratio of work to heat in the steam engine.
It is curious that the case is precisely the same with a steam engine.
The front of the bus was crushed by a huge steam engine that fell from the low loader after the collision.
The steam engine made famous in the harry Potter movies looks set to hit the buffers after a near-miss with a high-speed train.
The 66-year-old was travelling around Britain visiting industrial sites that have links with how his beloved steam engine was built.
The necessary attendance on a steam engine, too, is very expensive.
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