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The police become the avatars for an excessively brutal state and our hero, still unspeaking, is the everyman forced to suffer at its hands.
So he told himself he must not play his big shots until he had judged the state of the pitch, the pace of the bowling and the feel of the game.
Given what is known now of Lange's state of mind at the time, Richard's only crime was to be unsparing with the truth.
This forecast is not a partisan argument, nor is it an office-pool snap judgment based on a hasty reading of state polls of varying reliability.
It is in fact a native of Australia, so common there that it is the emblem of the state of Western Australia.
The daily schedule of events includes storytelling, dance performances, and demonstrations of native crafts from throughout the state.
Since American Black ducks are not native to Washington, this decline is not of major conservation concern in our state.
In New South Wales the Native Bird and Animal Protection Act enforces regulations which permit our native bears to live in their natural state.
These new hours represent a reduction in the library's total open hours necessitated by a reduction in state funds.
As a measure of structural similarity with the native state, we monitor a parameter Q that we call nativeness.
Therefore, the question of having a navy and of its parameters far transcends the bounds of military tasks alone for any state.
Outside, an American flag and the state banner, both still flying at full staff, snapped crisply in a cool, gusty wind.
In sum, the institutions were historically narrow in scope and have eroded further because of state interventions.
Patients eventually assume that their symptoms reflect a natural state that is part of their epilepsy.
In Missouri state employees were unscrewing every third light bulb to cut energy bills.
Oregon is enticing California natural food businesses to move north a state.
The citizenship clause declares that anyone born or naturalized in the US is a citizen of the United States and of whatever state they reside in.
Each state then set its own standards for naturalizing new citizens, and New York's were lax.
The metaphor I'm happiest with is that the internal state of the bot is represented by a position in a dataspace.
But maintaining the separation of church and state is a necessary precondition of liberty.
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Examples from Classical Literature
He was very pitiful of her in her wrought-up state, and he soothed her with tender caresses.
That and the moving of his lips was all he seemed able to manage in his overloaded state.
The principal river of the state is the Pahang, from which it takes its name.
They will no longer be in a state of dependence on the charcoal dealers of the Yonne.
The use of zirconium has been in an experimental state, and known sources of supply have been ample for all requirements.
Kessler verified the state of Bolden's health by extensive use of the x-ray microscope.
This was a dreadful state of affairs indeed, and one which admits of no palliation.
While it is in this state take your palette knife and neatly smooth and shape the outer surface.
A guide was to meet and conduct them across the mountains of the Zuni range and so on to the southern borders of the state.
It must have been my state of over-excitement that made me so quick to meddle with what did not concern me.
This may seem to be unnatural, arising from an oversensitive and morbid state of mind.
The chief bulk of the zirconium is found in the aqueous solution in the state of double fluorides.
While thus engaged, Cortez received intelligence that the province of panuco was in a state of insurrection.
Why not go at once to the wigwam of Susquesus, and get out of him and yop the history of the state of things.
The wisdom tooth seems to be in a state of retrogressive evolution among several populations.
Sometimes it occurs as the pure metal, and rarer in a state of oxidation as an antimonious acid and as the oxysulphide.
The vote on Mr. witcher's motion to postpone the whole subject indefinitely, indicates the true state of opinion in the House.
I go home in a state of unspeakable bliss, and waltz in imagination, all night long, with my arm round the blue waist of my dear divinity.
But Isaacstein was wobbling now in a renewed state of excitement.
Leaving the others to console Beth, she departed to the kitchen, which was in a most discouraging state of confusion.
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