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A player starts off with a king, a queen, eight pawns, and two each of bishops, knights and rooks.
When he talks to sixth-formers, he starts off by saying that they probably think he's a dusty old dodderer.
It starts off as a malleable glop, neither too stiff nor too liquid, which can be shaped in a mold, where it hardens.
It starts off as a ghost story, moves into a political thriller and finishes as an epic, spiritual battle between good and evil.
Bowman's novel starts off slowly but, like a good tea set to steep, becomes richer and more full-bodied as you read.
The game still starts off with you escorting an inquisitive journalist to a remote tropical island.
The sprint through the streets starts off the festivities, but the fiesta really gets rolling at midnight.
A rash which starts off as tiny red or purple pinpricks and may develop into bruises which do not fade when pressed with a glass.
The story works because it starts off realistically and ends so fantastically.
The whole number part starts off your list of numbers for the continued fraction.
While we're caught up with the mafia, so is the protagonist, who starts off as a down on his luck taxi cab driver.
It starts off as a series of brush strokes in brown, red and green, but ends up as an exquisite painting imparting a beautiful luminosity.
He is someone who starts off bright, cheerful and confident and then has everything taken away from him.
The band starts off sounding motoric, motorised, programmed, but later on the feeling gets more ethereal, dreamy and wistful.
Twist is an effort to document the twist dance craze that starts off with some promise, but eventually goes off the rails.
The play starts off with an actor rehearsing a monologue for an acting competition.
His Pomegranate Manhattan starts off with Maker's Mark, then adds pomegranate molasses, Italian bitter liqueur Cynar and orange bitters.
His daughter starts off trying to kill Blade and ends up fancying him rotten.
Which is a shame, because the film starts off as a fascinating account of the rise of the corporation and makes some valid points in a zippy way.
The product starts off as real blood, which goes through a process to turn it into a powder that can be reconstituted as needed.
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Police said he starts off fully clothed before disrobing down to just a thong, which witness reported have been in an array of colors.
A bizarre title, certainly, and starts off hushed before the rhythm marches its way through with all the subtlety of a goose-step.
Wayne Lytle's demonstration of his slick visualization software starts off innocently enough.
So this redresser of wrongs starts off, leaving the Margrave in his grief.
The third album from the Irish group starts off the way a good album should, with a catchy opening track, Animal.
He pronounces it as if the g were the hard kind that starts off gurgle.
Care must be exercised not to get caught when the flywheel starts off.
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