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Publicans are being urged to spray the lubricant on surfaces around toilets and washbasins in a bid to reverse escalating usage of the drug.
Drops can relieve itchy eyes, and a nasal spray helps a blocked nose and sneezing.
A nest of wasps gathered in my mother-in-law's garden shed and I bought a spray and killed them all.
He was subdued with capsicum spray before being restrained by police, arrested and taken to the watch-house.
Most of the breakdowns happened because of power outages caused by salt spray on electricity lines or because of wind damage.
As she stood beneath the warm, tingling spray, she soaped and rinsed her hair twice, as she had always done.
After pruning but before flowers and leaves appear, spray fruit trees with a mixture of dormant oil and lime sulfur or oil and copper.
Next spring, before new growth starts, spray the plant with copper fungicide or lime sulfur as a preventative.
In early spring before growth begins, spray a combination of dormant oil and lime sulfur.
Using an oil spray will get rid of aphids, lacebugs and spider mites quickly.
A foliar spray of a systemic or contact aphicide can be used to control aphids if the population exceeds the threshold.
This anti-static spray is made for dogs, and would probably accomplish similar results.
Leonard Hatred demonstrates his invention Psilence, an anti-noise spray that is applied directly to the ears sealing them up.
Fill another sprayer with undiluted stain of the same color and spray in patches and flashes immediately as the first layer is being sprayed.
I could let their tyres down and spray paint their vehicles with anarchist slogans.
He revelled in the exquisite pleasure of the warm spray massaging his body.
If anthracnose becomes a problem, spray the plants with lime-sulfur solution at budbreak and, if needed, during the growing season.
They should have a head cover or hood, visor and dust mask respirator, spray suit as well as gum boots.
The spray skirt has a light and pliant nylon construction, and a thick PVC coating renders it leakproof.
That's hardly surprising given the salt spray and leaky roof in the current place.
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Examples from Classical Literature
As we passed through to supper, I plucked a spray of yellow banksia rose, and put it in my buttonhole.
Birds were flitting from spray to spray, carolling their hymns of praise to Deity.
Attached to each pipe at its point of entrance is a check valve to spray the steam through the mash.
But the plane saw the bolide as it struck the sea, and huge masses of steam and spray arose.
The spray was dashing over her bows, and her jib was wet several feet above the boltrope.
Far to the north they fell and burst into white spray, as though a long Atlantic comber were pounding on a rocky shore.
Then as a comber fell upon her they sprang back to the jibsheet and hauled upon it, while the spray flew all over them.
The spray and mist of the three commingle in a common cloud, and the highway passes through the eternal shower bath.
She winced involuntarily as the spray tingled against her body and adhered with constrictive force.
Prizes consisted of cash or practical items such as five gallons of fly spray.
The best spray is a half pint of Black Leaf 40 to a hundred gallons of water or Bordeaux mixture.
Herds of deer were nipping the short grass, browsing the lower spray of the ashes, or couching amid the ferny hollows.
I shipped the other day on as cracky a craft as ever kicked the spray behind her.
If but one plant is attacked, I would spray it with Bordeaux mixture, which can now be obtained in paste form from most florists.
I spray with London purple and lime, with a pump, just after the fruit is formed, for web-worm and curculio.
The sea washes the rocks on which they are built, and in time of storm the spray flies over the curtain wall.
Black smoke billows from our funnels, the bow wave rises higher, and now and again a cloud of spray swishes over our decks.
She came towards him down the yellow glade through the sunshine and the shadow, with a spray of briony in her hand.
I'll broider with my spray Stone bridge and granite quay, And bear great ships away Unto the long wide sea.
Children suffering from adenitis should use a spray of Dobell's solution in the nose and throat three or four times daily.
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