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An athlete and sportsman, he played football, skied and was an avid theatregoer, at one time he even considered becoming an actor.
He is considered by many as the sportsman supreme and is one of the greatest living ambassadors for Gaelic Sport.
He was the mushers' choice for best sportsman among the pack, and he professed to be unable to see why.
The mutualism and fair-mindedness of the sportsman and union man went hand-in-hand.
As an active sportsman, Greg played royal tennis, squash, billiards, cricket, tennis and golf.
Wood-paneled and rustically refined, it brings to mind the den of a 19th century sportsman of no small means.
He was brought up in Trowbridge and was a talented athlete and sportsman at school.
I feel privileged to help such a talented sportsman on the path to becoming a world champion.
Haney is a true sportsman, always magnanimous and complimentary to his rivals.
But he's also a talented sportsman, playing competitive cricket at a senior level in England.
The sportsman trains himself, dresses, and watches unweariedly, and loads and primes for his particular game.
An all-round sportsman and socialiser, he claims to enjoy his days off, and makes the most of life.
Though both his legs are paralyzed by polio, the 27-year-old sportsman has taken up the challenge bravely.
I had known him for nigh on forty years, known him too for the great character that he was, the true gentleman, the sportsman supreme.
Joe was an avid sportsman, passionate for speedboating, and enjoyment of travel.
During the 1930s he spent time in Spain and Africa and resided in Key West, Florida, where he gained a reputation as a sportsman and athlete.
During his 16-year career as a professional sportsman, Moran put his BComm from UCD and his accountancy qualification to good use.
A keen sportsman, he plays tennis and golf, as well as being an enthusiastic canoeist and sailor.
Perhaps because he had been a champion sportsman in Europe, he idealised the athletic male body in his early sculptures.
Smith also enjoyed the Hurricanes' recent trip to South Africa, it was much better being over there as a sportsman rather than a tourist.
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Then he deals two to a chappie on his right, and all the punters on the right, back that sportsman.
These are small matters, perhaps, but your sportsman cannot be too accurate.
The caracara will craftily follow the sportsman, and steal away game that is not quickly bagged.
In a sportsman, it would be most ungracious to inveigh against English weather.
I thought that he was affecting the poet, and in me he found a donnish affectation of the British sportsman.
For the benefit of the sportsman and gun crank who want plain facts and no flapdoodle, the following statistics are offered.
The sportsman swears at the kongoni because it so often alarms the quarry he is stalking.
Then as col was a sportsman, and had powder on board, I figured that we might be blown up.
Another bird sure to interest the sportsman is the Patagonian prairie chicken known as the tinamou.
No animal's pursuit leads the sportsman over such dangerous ground as that of the markhor.
He is as keen to win in a canoe race as any undergrad in his college boat and is a genuine and true sportsman.
The unmapped interior of Sumatra affords an almost virgin field for the explorer, the sportsman and the scientist.
It builds its nest on the ground and is a game bird popular with the sportsman.
A keen sportsman, he was not untinctured by letters, and had indeed a cultivated taste for the fine arts.
He was by no means what is termed a sportsman, yet he was somewhat fond of shooting.
If this snow blindness permits me, I hope to-morrow to prove myself a more lucky sportsman.
The virgin forest of America is usually no place for the ordinary sportsman.
The object of the sportsman is to kill, and the object of the vivisector is to keep his victim alive while he cuts it up.
The one feature of shoe selection which seems to appeal to the average sportsman is waterproofing.
Upon my word as a sportsman, those venison-steaks have a gamy flavor that's not to be sneezed at, I tell you.
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