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I couldn't help but smile as Joe, an epicure of Italian descent, tried his first spoonful of pelmeni soup.
Or dump them in a big bowl and have kids use a miniature spoon to scoop out a spoonful each.
Then you sprinkle a generous amount of turbinado sugar over the top, or serve it with a spoonful of jam.
Best of all, though, is the warm hazelnut chocolate cake, presented in a bouquet of phyllo with a spoonful of mascarpone ice cream.
Each time I brought a heaped spoonful to his mouth, he would greedily suck it all in.
Add a spoonful or two of the pasta water to help the sauce coat the pasta, tossing well.
Take a slice of toast, rub it gently with a garlic clove, and top with a slice of pancetta and a large spoonful of peperonata.
It happened because yesterday I weighed 20 decagrams of noodles and sneaked a spoonful.
It's milky and flavourful, with an unmistakable blue cheese taste that fades just enough after each spoonful to keep you digging in for more.
Despite a range of food experts claiming that the new product is nothing more than a gimmick, most said they would not mind a spoonful or two.
One of the tea ladies revealed that her employer had an unusual taste in beverages as he enjoyed his cup of tea with a spoonful of honey.
Pour two shots of good rum into a whisky glass with two good squeezes of fresh lime juice and a large spoonful of muscovado sugar.
Simply add a spoonful or two of yoghurt to your green lettuce to get a nice quick and satisfying snack.
The lean meat was cut in slivers, arranged on crisp falafel cake, and crowned with a spoonful of tangy green-pepper relish.
The nurse tried to catch drips before they hit the bedspread and wiped his chin after every other spoonful.
I stumbled downstairs for another cup, in which I took half a twist of lemon and a spoonful of honey.
Set two heaping spoonfuls of pastry cream and a spoonful of dried fig compote on top.
I had to laugh when I saw your article on curing hiccups with a spoonful of sugar.
The ingredients, spices, and aromatics are placed in the tagine with a mere spoonful of water.
Honey also helps my throat so I always put a spoonful in my herbal tea instead of sugar.
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Examples from Classical Literature
He took a dish and gave me one spoonful of samp, and bid me take as much of the broth as I would.
Mix one pound of almond paste, three-quarters of a pound of powdered sugar, the whites of five eggs and one spoonful of flour.
If you will have it to drink presently, take the whites of two or three Eggs, of barm a spoonful, and as much of Wheaten-flower.
Let it stand to cool, beat up three ounces of syrup of betony with a large spoonful of ale yeast, and put it into the liquor.
Add two spoonfuls of any sort of gravy, one of soy or walnut ketchup, a little salt and cayenne, and a spoonful of port.
And if he had a little Harry dandle next Christmas, wouldn't he give him the first spoonful out of the marrow-bone!
Stir them well together, then put in four spoonfuls of salad oil, and one spoonful of elder vinegar, and beat them up very smooth.
Fill up the bottles with the best white wine vinegar, and put at the top a large spoonful of salad oil.
The next morning set them where they will boil, with a tea spoonful of saleratus.
A table spoonful of catsup, cloves and allspice, improve it, but are not essential.
Make the gravy of a scrag of mutton, a tea-spoonful of lemon pickle, a large spoonful of ketchup, and the same of browning.
Fidel had a habit of always giving the first spoonful of the soup to the dog.
A spoonful of flaxseed tea taken as often as necessary to relieve irritation may bring relief.
Cut up the gizzard and liver with a lump of butter and a spoonful of cream.
You want to take a GRE't spoonful with your victuals, and in between your victuals.
Add to it a spoonful of the best brandy, the juice of a Seville orange, four ounces of loaf sugar, and the yolks of four eggs.
She says it is so slippy, every spoonful disappears so sudden it gives her an awful start.
The latter, who was about to swallow his first spoonful of soup, set it in his plate again.
Take it off the fire, beat up the yolks of three eggs with a spoonful of oil, and stir up all together till it is quite cold.
This can be put together like marble cake, first a spoonful of one kind, then another, until the dish is full.
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